The editing mirrors the romance throughout the whole film; only when things start to heat up between Tom and Summer do we see a complexity In editing (to mirror the implement of the relationship). Shot types also play a big role in the movie’s success. When we see important details, we get close ups of the actor’s faces. The editing combined with cleverly placed shot types make 500 Days of Summer a great, humorous movie. The way the film is put together is clever because when looked at closely, the characters placement and editing (combined with deferent shot types) make the movie very unique. 00 Days of Summer revolves around two main characters, Tom and Summer. Summer is way out of Tom’s league, but Tom goes for her anyway. During the beginning of the movie, Summer is all the way on the other side of the office where they both work in. The placement of the characters is symbolic because this represents how they seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Tom has his views on what love is, and Summer has no Idea what love Is. The character placements are combined with both wide and long shots.

This again symbolizes how they are both nowhere near each other (aren’t meant to be). Another character placement that is worth noticing is when Summer and Tom are at Kea. Kea is notorious for its intricate layout. Due to a complex layout of the store, it is very easy to get lost and confused of where you are. This is symbolic in the movie because it shows how Summer and Tom seem to have gotten lost in the complexity of their relationship. Other noteworthy shots In the movie are when both Summer and Tom are In the elevator, a rend shot Is clearly shown here.

The mid shot In this scene Is symbolic because it shows how Tom doesn’t show his full interest in Summer at first/ both don’t know much about each other. As the movie progresses though, we start to see mainly two shot long shots of Summer and Tom (this shows the whole picture, youngling that they know each other more now). Editing Is the frosting on the cake. The editing In 500 Days of Summer ties the whole movie together because the editing gives the film a deeper purpose/ meaning.

Editing gives the film a deeper purpose because it shows how the film is clearly not a love story but more of a story about how life can take unexpected twists and turns. The editing mirrors the twist and turns of the relationship that Tom and Summer share. This is evident when the audience is seeing Tom in the present, but all of a sudden the film turns around and shows him at a certain point of when he was still tit Summer. The editing In 500 Days of Summer Is sort of hard to follow. This Is may be confusing/ hard to follow at points.

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The editing is also noteworthy because of its creativity. At one point of the film, there’s a scene of when Tom is going to Summer’s roof party. The screen is suddenly split into two sections: Expectations and Reality. This type of editing is creative because it gives the audience more to look at, and it makes the audience connect to the character (Tom) on a deeper level. On one side we see how Tom would’ve liked it the party to have gone. But, on the other side we see what Tom is actually going through. Another creative use of editing is when Tom leaves Summer’s roof party.

When Tom exits the building, there is a wide shot of him Just standing in the middle of the street. He’s then slowly turned into a sketch (something erasable/disposable); eventually, he’s Just left in the middle of nothing. This mirrors what Tom is feeling after he realizes that the love of his life is engaged. Tom feels alone and all the happiness he had is drained out, he ultimately feels blank and doesn’t care about anything in the world at that moment. He’s feels disposable, like a building (as previously stated by him).


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