Setting: house of Don Julian, House of Judge del Vale, Tanta where there are coconut plantation and a beach, Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, Called Real, Called Lug in Stab. Cruz (hometown of Julia) Time of the story: Lenten Season. Characters: Alfred Salary, Spenserian, Julia Salsas, Don Julian, Carmen, Judge del Vale, Donna Della, Calcite, Admission, Vaccine, Bridal Sammy. Theme: forbidden love Moral: It was expectations and reality. We expect that there’s always a happy ever after Just like in fairy tales.

But then, in reality, happy ending is not meant for all of us, still there’s the big possibility that we could experience failures in life. Our destiny is not all about our dream but it is how we manage to follow our heart and to have courage to do anything to our love ones. Denouement: Alfred chose Spenserian instead of Julia Salsas, the woman that he loves the most. Conflict: The conflict in the story was Alfalfa’s commitment to Supernal and his infidelity. Alfred got engage to Spenserian but unknowingly he was not deeply in love with her.

And he fall in love with another woman, Julia Salsas, even he was engaged. Climax: I think it is when Julia Salsas knew that Alfred was engaged and when he asked her to come to his wedding. Exposition: I think it begins when he fall in love with Julia yet he was engaged to Spenserian, the story flows on what will Alfred do in his situation. Sunset Setting: Branch, shoe shop. Characters: The man (cobbler) , the woman (maid), senorita, epee (senoritas brother) Theme: Filipinos marriage traditions. Moral:

Denouement: Conflict: The man bought a surprise for the woman but she already had like that. Then she told that she already have her new Job and she was about to leave the man. Climax: it is when the man was offered a money by the senorita but he did not take it and when the woman took the Job that senorita was offering her. And when the woman decided to leave the man. Exposition: Plot: It is when the man and the woman decided to have their marriage but they don’t have the money to support their wedding.

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