This is a authoritative instance of unregulated authorities intercession in market that may causes legion unintended effects ( chiefly triggered by, demand – supply spread ) jeopardizing the being of marginalized population.

Situation Analysis:

The well working fertiliser market in Zimbabwe with a strong value concatenation construction started trembling when in twelvemonth 2000 authorities started step ining with a impression of supplying the husbandmans a better trade ( controlled monetary value ) as an effort to contend against monolithic rising prices, lifting costs and exchange rate fluctuation. But in world, unplanned monetary value control over the concluding merchandise caused decreased supply and outgrowth of an illegal market that made the fertiliser “ unapproachable ” for most of the marginalized and unorganised husbandmans. These intercessions non merely made the fertiliser scarce and dearly-won but besides created a herding out consequence[ 1 ]on several fertilizer whole-sellers and retail merchants.

Problem Analysis:

The failure of Zimbabwe fertiliser market was chiefly caused by authorities intercession that has impacted both demand side and supply side variables. As a consequence the market uncluttering equilibrium got distorted. In this subdivision, we will seek to see different demand side and supply side variables that got impacted due to authorities intercessions.

Problem related to “ Supply ” side of the equation:

Single point monetary value control:

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In an effort to maintain the monetary value affordable for the marginalized husbandmans, govt. set a monetary value ceiling ( maximal monetary value ) on fertiliser retailing. But, as there was no control on the input ( natural stuffs for fertilisers ) markets, this intercession reduced the operational viability for the maker. As the makers were forced to sell fertiliser at a monetary value below their cost of production, to minimise the operational loss the lone option they were left with is supply decrease.

Herding out of intermediate value concatenation histrions:

As a effect of decreased supply, whole-sellers were put in a place where they had about nil to sell. The expected return of their investing ( sing acquisition, transit, care and distribution cost ) made it more justified to shut the operation. For the retail merchants who used to offer recognition gross revenues to the husbandmans, became more vulnerable due to the over inflationary consequence. These forced a batch of intermediate histrions quit the value concatenation.

Figure 1: Interaction of Demand and Supply variables

Unregulated rise of illegal market ( supplier )

After the govt. procurance for province tally plans, the residuary fertiliser which was good below the market demand, were being purchased by the powerful, well-connected people who so channel it to illegal market for selling at extortionate monetary value. Besides the husbandmans in land reform countries who had more allotment than what they really needed could sell their excess fertiliser to this illegal market. This rise of unregulated illegal market caused the minimally available supply going unaffordable for the marginalized husbandmans.

Problem related to “ Demand ” of Fertilizers:

Government purchase for land reform plan

Without guaranting the extra supply required for the market, authorities utilizing its interest ( portion keeping ) in the fabrication companies, started direct purchasing for its land reform plan. This extra demand from authorities undertaking, made the fertiliser scarcer.

Proposed Interventions:

For inventing the solution of this job, strategic intercessions from the regulative side ( authorities ) , demand side ( fertilizer users ) and supply side ( fertilizer maker ) would be required. A assorted attack of demand side stimulation and provide side stimulation and step ining at the same time can merely assist the state of affairs to acquire improved.

Strategic Focus: Demand Side Stimulation

Making and Strengthening Business Member Organizations ( BMO ) for husbandmans

With the model consequence from FACHIG presented in the instance, we can reason corporate bargaining power is ever more effectual in footings of problem shot. So, throughout Zimbabwe, this type of BMO needs to be established. But, merely making the BMOs will non assist, unless their lobbying and protagonism strength is enhanced.

Strategic Focus: Regulative Intervention

Demand rationalisation for province run plan

In the instance, it is clearly mentioned that husbandmans under land reform plans were acquiring more than their needed sum of fertilisers. That eventually ended up traveling to the illegal market. So, authorities demands to be more cautious and selective while supplying fertilizer allocation to the husbandmans under province tally plans.

Figure 2: Consequence Chain ( expected ) of the proposed intercessions

Enabling environment for intermediate value concatenation histrions ( bargainers )

Traders play a important function in administering fertilisers to the distant countries. They non merely do the fertilisers physically available to the husbandmans, through advanced mechanisms ( e.g. recognition gross revenues ) they besides make certain that everyone gets a opportunity to utilize it. So, commanding the “ illegal market ” strictly, authorities demands to make infinite for these intermediate histrions to return to their concerns.

Macro Economic stableness ( holistic monetary value ceiling )

The chief triping factor of the discussed market failure was uncontrolled and accelerated rising prices which can be attributed ( at least partly ) to authorities failure. So, to extinguish the root cause, authorities demands to work on stabilising the macroeconomic indexs ( e.g. rising prices rate, exchange rate ) from fluctuating this quickly. But, as an intermediate intercession, authorities demands to take up on a holistic attack of monetary value control. No authorities can put a ceiling for concluding merchandises without sing the flow and monetary value of the natural stuffs. Without doing it rational ( profitable ) for the maker to run, authorities ca n’t of all time be successful in keeping the needed supply from private sectors.

Strategic Focus: Supply Side Stimulation

Increased supply to run into the extra demand

Assuming everything remained unchanged ( cetris peribus ) , the fertiliser demand in Zimbabwe market already got increased due to the extra demand from authorities procurance for land reform enterprise. To countervail the consequence of this extra demand from raising the monetary value, market demands to set its supply. So, the capacity of the bing manufacturer demands to be maximized ( along with incentivize their rational for production ) and if required new plants/manufacturer demand to be established.


The basic equation of demand-supply interaction in market is excessively delicate to step in into. If non adequately analyzed and considered, it ever carries the hazard of shooting unintended crisises. Even if authorities has the right purpose of functioning the marginalized population, a holistic consideration of every facet should be exercised before pull stringsing the market forces unnaturally.

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