You will not believe what happened to me today! It was a dark, windy night, thundering down with pouring rain. I was driving down a lonely road in my hired astra, not far from here, the long road was surrounded with tall trees waving as the wind blew. Suddenly I noticed a tall dark figure standing on the side of the road, I wasn’t sure whether it was a human or a animal.I began to pull my car over and as the dark figure came closer, I got a better view and knew that it was a hitchhiker. He was wearing a long dark coat with ripped trousers dripping with water absorbed into his clothes as well as wearing a hat like bin mans. I rolled down the passenger window and offered him in. The hitchhiker responded ” yes please”. I was feeling really mysterious about him.

Driving up the long road, I remember looking at him and thinking of his past and what’s happened to him?. Why is he in this state? He is a hitchhiker I presume; I had a really angry feeling towards him for some reason. I didn’t know what about him was upsetting me. Afterwards I thought about this morning… walking into to my office feeling tired, sleepy and worn out. Then suddenly my boss standing right in front of my face, I had a really bad feeling of being fired and I was right. He started to shout, I remember his spit spraying all over my face. I wasn’t even wiping it off just in case it came out rude to towards my boss. You’re fired; those were the last 2 words out off my boss’s mouth. I felt as if the worlds come to an end. I felt devastated, horrible and really angry like how could this be?! I really thought like as if this was just another time I’m late and it doesn’t matter, but I guess I was wrong.

Ten minutes past, the hitchhiker was sitting there without making a sound. The long straight road meant that I would not have to look on the road as much, looking at the hitchhiker reminded me of my boss, his long coat and light shaded beard. Due to the fact that my car was hired, it came with a krooklok to prevent it from being stolen because I lived in such a rough area. I always put the krooklok in the backseats after I’ve taken it off my cars tire or in the car boot if it’s a rainy day.

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Not thinking what I was just about to do, I reached for the krooklok from the backseats and smacked him across his head then as I pulled my arm back to hit him again he grabbed my arm really tightly. I was struggling to fight for my life, I really had no idea if he was going to take the krooklok off me and hit me with it. I was driving with one hand barely looking at the road. Suddenly the hitchhiker took the krooklok off me, my life flashed before my eyes, I reacted and drove the car into a small ditch by the side of the road.

I remember opening my eyes, thinking I was in heaven but it was actually the white car airbag in front my face. I felt hard pain though my body, my neck was hurting a lot. Looking to my right where the hitchhiker was sitting was an empty seat. Where did he go? I said to my self, I looked out of my car window and the weather had changed from rainy to dark thick fog. I felt just like how I felt this morning when I got fired, like the worlds come to an end; nothing was going to improve from here. Different thoughts where going through my head, I decided to get out of the car to look at the damage that I had done to the car. I had forgotten all about the hitchhiker

I wasn’t very pleased. It was a hired car. I knew there was another major issue into my life and that issue is dept, crashing a hired car was not very ideal at that moment but on the other hand it was not damaged to badly the front bumper had fallen off, it was still drivable. So I got back in my car and decided to reverse the car back onto the road. As I turned my head to look at the back I saw a body laying there, I quickly got out of the car and ran towards the body as I got closer; I saw the long coat and suddenly knew that it was the hitchhiker.

The hitchhiker was unconscious, I started to think whether to put him in my car and take him to the hospital or to just leave him there for until he regains conscious. I dragged him into the passenger seat, then closed the door.

Driving fast towards the nearest city, the thoughts in my head was that what will happen after he gets treated at the hospital. When his awake, will he complain to the police or will he stay quite about what I did to him. If he does say anything I could be jailed for a long time, two to three years minimum. No, I couldn’t let that happen. I opened the passenger door and pushed him out. Looked in my rear mirror and saw him bouncing and scraping the rough road.


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