Death. to many who believe in reincarnation is go throughing into another life. The quality of this life could be good dependent on the. “karma” or the workss that one has carried out in old birth. Death therefore need non be the terminal of life but merely a new beginning. Reincarnation is by and large thought to be an Eastern belief preponderantly prevailing in Buddhism. Karma. some believe is an ancient Hindu platitude progressively picked up by Buddhist Bibles which provide a cause – consequence nexus to our actions.

Reincarnation takes these links further and seeks to supply a relation between our actions and its results in this birth to our karma in the old birth. Karma is by and large said to be unobserved to the common adult male but ancient Hindu mythology believes that it is apparent to the wise and knowing sage. There are many such trusters of this phenomenon in the West as good. Stevenson ( 1980 ) has even supported it with extended scientific logical thinking and illustrations. The cases quoted are of kids who are said to hold taken to talking about their earlier life instantly after they had started speaking.

There are some surveies which link birth Markss or defects with past lives. These defects are seen as the lesions on a individual of old birth. who is remembered in the embryo. lesions which could perchance hold been fatal. ( Stevenson. 1997 ) . Positivists and peculiarly rational life scientists would non believe that the biological malformations which are found at birth such as faulty address. hearing or sightlessness could hold been a cause of an accident in old life instead than faulty growing of the embryo in its formative phase.

There has therefore been extended incredulity about reincarnation peculiarly amongst the positivist of the West. However there are legion trusters of embodiment who quote a figure of illustrations which are at that place in the Bible including the instructions of Jesus where John the Baptist is considered as a reincarnate of Elijah the prophesier. What so is the world?

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