Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman carefully exemplifies the ideal dysfunctional household. With the loony male parent. enabling female parent. narcissistic boy. and the forgotten other. it is frequently a battle to populate in the same house. With all of the different facets of the drama developing at the same clip. the confrontation of text opposed to movie is inevitable.

Equally far as the instance goes with the combination of conflicting personalities. the movie version more efficaciously portrays all of the different points each character has. Through watching the movie. one can acquire a better sense of what the characters are experiencing. Bing able to see the faces of the histrions. can give you that emotion needed to accomplish the advanced apprehension of the drama. While Linda loses her pique with her two boies. the movie suggests that she feels a terrible disgust for their actions. Whereas in the text. it seems as if Linda feels the hatred toward her boies. and non merely their actions. Willie’s decreasing sum of saneness is besides more apparent in the movie version. since you get to see what he is seeing. and non what a sane individual would be seeing. In add-on. at the beginning of the drama. the reader is non certain if the chief character is losing his head. and hence does non truly cognize what to believe or conceive of while reading.

Unfortunately. with the ability to look at the histrions. besides comes a drawback. Actors do non ever cognize how the writer wants each character portrayed. which can sometimes take to their ain reading. and on occasion to the loss of a peculiar point. the writer was seeking to acquire across. In the text. the gum elastic tubing is non explained for a ground. By agencies of non explicating the tubing. readers will bit by bit reason that it was non merely a suicide device. but has a greater significance to the drama. The gum elastic hosiery would be used to inhale toxicant gas. which queerly plenty would smother him. merely as he is smothering inside with failure. The text besides helps implicate the author’s belief. that each individual is convinced of being successful. merely there is non any cogent evidence of his or her success. This belief goes on until the individual realizes who they truly are. or they die believing that they are person they are non. The false sense of success is a subject throughout the drama.

In watching the movie. one besides gets to see the scene and atmosphere. suggested by Arthur Miller. The play’s scene and atmosphere are important. for a clear apprehension of the narrative line. Without seeing the eerie atmosphere when Ben comes to see. it is difficult to reason that Ben is dead. and non merely a neighbour. In the text. you merely know that Willie begins to speak to person named Ben. but in the movie. you can see that he is the lone 1 who of all time truly negotiations to Ben. In add-on. when Willie is speaking to Ben. the remainder of the household merely responds to what Willie is stating. ne’er to what Ben is stating. Ben’s shade besides exemplifies an of import facet of set design. Whenever he is seen. there is ever a illuminated issue nearby. for he invariably exits into visible radiation in a speedy mode. When reading. one is non rather certain if Ben is go outing through a door or into thin air ( as shades will make ) . The set design besides alterations. by manner of the colouring. When it is a flashback. the colouring is faded. assisting the spectator to separate the difference between past and present.

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In decision. the movie version has more positive facets than does that of the text. The movie keeps the viewer/reader from going confused. taking to a better apprehension of the drama. The original positions of the writer are better integrated in the text. but being able to see what is traveling on. more than makes up for the loss. in the head of the viewing audiences.


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