Instead of putting someone to death because they committed murder the government should sentence them to life imprisonment instead of capital punishment, which in some states is the death penalty. I believe that the death penalty shouldn’t be allowed in any state across the country because it goes against religious beliefs, the cost of executing someone is higher than letting them live out their lives as prisoners, and let’s not forget the lives of the innocent victims who were put to death for wrongful convictions. One reason I am against the death penalty is because it goes against religious beliefs.

Catholicism, for example, follows God’s rules which are the Ten Commandments. One of the commandments states: “Thou shall not kill,” which clearly means you shouldn’t kill anyone, no matter what crime they committed. If you are executing any human being, it is a mortal sin and It completely violates the commandment. The death penalty shouldn’t be an exception to God’s commandments. Second of all, taxpayers are paying way too much Just for someone to be put to death. The government would save more money If they were to sentence an Individual to life in prison without a chance of parole, Instead of executing them.

Death penalty trials are re-done several times, In which taxpayers have to pay for the same trial to be heard several different times. The death penalty In over a dozen states cost ten times as much as the non-death penalty cases. Also the average convicted murderer spends at least 12 years on death row. Taxpayers are paying a lot of money Just to keep these Inmates In Jail for several years, and In the end they are going to be executed. All the years they spend on death row plus the re-trials Is more expensive than life Imprisonment.

Finally, the most Important reason Is that there’s always a chance of a Innocent man being on death row, walling to be put to death for a crime they didn’t commit. A man could be at the wrong place, at the wrong time and end up being charged for murder. Also someone could’ve planted all evidence against them to make It seem that they were the ones to commit the crime. In 1950, a man, Timothy Evans, was executed for murdering his daughter. Three years later, authorities discovered that another man, who was living with Evans, was a serial killer and was the one responsible.

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Evans wasn’t responsible for his daughter’s murder ND yet he was executed. Not all evidence Is accurate, and may cause an Innocent man to die. In conclusion, I believe that the death penalty shouldn’t be given to anyone because It goes against religious beliefs, It cost too much money, and Innocent people are dying. To this day the death penalty Is being used In several states across the united States. The death penalty Isn’t going to save lives and by killing the convicted murderer lives won’t be returned. The death penalty Is an unjust anywhere else for that matter. Therefore the death penalty should be abolished.


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