Argument About K – 12
Joel: Good morning/Good afternoon as the instance possibly! The Department of Education is presently confronting the issue about —DepEd Order No. 32. series of 2012 ( otherwise known as the implementing regulations and ordinances of Republic Act No. 10157 or the Kindergarten Education Act ) ; and DepEd Order No. 31. series of 2012 ( policy guidelines on the execution of Grades 1 to 10 of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum ) . These course of studies are bombarded with a batch of uncertainty and inquiries. non being portion of the Department concerned with the execution of these plans.

The Department of Education’s planned displacement to K+12 seeks to heighten the current course of study and let high school alumnuss to specialise and be equipped with accomplishments to come in industry. a career or engage in entrepreneurial activity. Though reforms have been discussed since the Unesco Mission study in 1949. it is merely now that definite action on K+12 is being taken to travel our instruction system up to international criterions. But this does non stop here. The move to K+12 is a gradual procedure that will necessitate the clip and committedness of all stakeholders. particularly parents and instructors. because this sort of reform is non focused on one country entirely but involves cohesive action from all sectors to turn to the demands of their communities.

Harmonizing to some surveies and research workers. 10 old ages of analyzing is non plenty for us to be that ready. That equipped to confront all the challenges in life. We are populating in this of all time – altering universe. the ground why we need to be ever ready. to be ever at our best to confront those alterations. for us to be to the full armed in the clip of conflict – the conflict of the encephalon. the existent conflict of life. But is there truly a demand to add 2 more old ages merely to do us ready and that knowing plenty? Is an extra of 2 more old ages in instruction truly satisfies the demand of Filipino people? We are cognizant that many Filipino suffered and still enduring from hungriness. malnutrition. ill-treatment. unemployment and many more. Many are enduring from being uneducated and maybe it is true K – 12 is a great aid. But the inquiry is can we afford it? There are many out – of – school young person today because of poorness.

Because their parents had no agencies of life. those who are called as “isang kahig. isang tuka” . The money they have is merely plenty for the nutrient and it is excessively tough for them to travel to school and pass their 10 old ages of life in analyzing. Because for them what affair most is that they have nutrient to eat. So they choose to work instead than analyzing. In fact 10 old ages of perusal is truly passing a batch of money and another 2 old ages. more money once more. Besides. pupils find it deadening and experience like analyzing is a ne’er stoping journey. Extra old ages in instruction system will truly necessitate more budgets non merely from the authorities but from the parents as good. Aside from that. pupils will necessitate extra schoolrooms. school supplies. plan and more qualified instructors every bit good.

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CHAWEE: We’ve heard the statement on the effectivity of K+12 if the pupils don’t even have tabular arraies to work on. or can’t even acquire to school because of hapless substructure. These are plans that the private sector. through civil society. is actively working on with the aid of the authorities. Local authorities units have a big function in doing certain that the educational demands of their communities are met. The Synergia Foundation has been effectual in working with LGUs to better their communities.

ESPLENIA: Are we ready for E-Learning? Possibly yes. or possibly no. but if we don’t fix for it now we will ne’er be. The engineering and the substructure have been introduced to the public schools through Gilas. a public-private sector enterprise that has been at the head of supplying computing machines and Internet connectivity to public schools countrywide. Through Gilas many instructors and pupils have been trained on the usage of engineering for larning. An eLearning plan called Genyo has proven an effectual tool for public school instructors and pupils. The package is presently being used in private schools and has been donated to public schools through Gilas and the enterprise of private foundations.

Manuel “Boy” Mejorada says:
November 12. 2010 at 9:57 am
Joel: I must add that the K-12 revised course of study isn’t the cure-all solution for our educational sufferings. Huge investings need to be made on beef uping the instruction substructure — schoolrooms. text editions. larning AIDSs. teacher developing — at all degrees. Adding the two old ages will non mend the defect if the foundations of a child’s instruction are weak in the first topographic point. The job about the present course of study in squashing 12 old ages of basic instruction into merely 10 is that pupils are overloaded with topics. Without even holding to travel inside a schoolroom. the ordinary perceiver can already see this from the oversized bags that pupils have to tote mundane. filled with books and other acquisition stuffs

One effect is that the ordinary school twenty-four hours leaves our childs exhausted. with small clip for drama and socialization at school. This leads to the exclusion of larning societal accomplishments which is an indispensable portion of turning up.

The chief expostulation of parents against the K-12 is more economic than anything else. Parents fear the excess old ages will ensue in more disbursals to be shouldered. They miss the point about the proposed course of study taking to improved acquisition for their kids.

Dean Jorge Bocobo says:
ESPLENIA: I besides realized that so “TEACHING IS NOT FILLING UP THE PAIL. IT IS ABOUT LIGHTING THE FIRE. ” Blatantly true indeed—we should non see out pupils to be clean sheets. who are incapable of believing for themselves. My learning calling was and is a go oning demeaning experience. Our pupils are masterminds in their ain rights. and as pedagogues we should be able to tap on these concealed gifts of theirs. Which brings me to the point of my treatment. will this doctrine that learning is non simply make fulling up the bucket. instead it is illuming up the fire be heightened or diminished by what is now called the K to 12 plan of the Philippine Educational System?

CHAWEE: Another point to see is that kids of this coevals. this New coevals. more specifically. acquire easy bored. They have shorter attending span and will most likely display their ennui and discontent more evidently. So will they be able to bear and get by with the extra old ages in school? I am besides concerned on the readiness in general with respects to the execution of this plan. Although the plan was based on foreign research and was seen to be successful in different states. but are we certain that this course of study will be adaptable to the Filipino scholars. and are the instructors ready to accommodate yet once more another curriculum—believing that this could be the solution to our deteriorating educational system.

Joel: believing that this could be the solution to our deteriorating educational system. Are the instructors well-informed about the plan? Do they hold adequate preparation. seminar-workshops and the likes? Have at that place been researches on the effects of the K-12 plan in the Filipino schoolroom scene?

Many critics are still bothered that K-12 might be more black than helpful if the passage is non velvety. As sighted by one of the professors from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. incorporating K-12 to the educational system is like passing the whole system and it evidently require generous clip to convey approximately. Ironically. DepEd keeps reassuring that the clip is ample and they will make it bit by bit. Then if it is true. why was it that most if non all of the kindergarten instructors who underwent the 2-day preparation for the new kindergarten course of study have tonss of uncertainnesss in understanding it? In kernel. the instructors are the 1s who will convey the plan to the pupils but if they are less capable and less qualified so it may turn ineffective and waste of clip.

CHAWEE: Amor Cielo says: My return on the K+12. although the intent or the purpose of the advocates of this extra school twelvemonth in the Philippine educational system is absolutely everyone parents dream for their childs – to give them the quality of instruction at par with the planetary criterions. I feel that it is non ideal in our current educational set-up. I deem that before we must be able to successfully achieve the planetary criterions that we are taking for. the authorities should first expression at the current logistics affecting the educational system. The followers should be first reference which has long been a job of all time since.

Two of my amahs from Mindoro experienced the undermentioned: * Classroom deficit – my amah can certify that in Mindoro there are categories held under the tree. * Book Shortage – in their school those who are in lower subdivision has a ratio of 1:7 use. * Personal computer use – merely those in the first subdivision has a opportunity to utilize the computing machines. * Teachers’ low wage –Teaching is regarded as a baronial profession ; they should given proper regard and merely compensation / benefits due to them. * Teacher to student ratio – 45 to 50 pupils or more in one schoolroom. * Lack of basic installations needed to supply good acquisition environment – clean comfort suites. research labs. libraries. secondary school. imbibing fountain for drinkable H2O. clinic ) .

Joel: another of import thing to see is that:
* Parents have to blast out more money ( for transit and nutrient ) for the instruction of their kids. * The authorities does non hold the money to pay for two more old ages of free instruction. since it does non even have the money excessively to the full back up today’s ten old ages. DepEd must foremost work out the deficiency of schoolrooms. furniture and equipment. qualified instructors. and error-free text editions. * We can make in ten old ages what everyone else in the universe takes 12 old ages to make. Why do we hold to follow what the remainder of the universe is making? Filipinos right now are accepted in esteemed alumnus schools in the universe. even with merely 10 old ages of basic instruction. * Equally far as the course of study is concerned. DepEd should repair the current topics alternatively of adding new 1s.

The job is the content. non the length. of basic instruction. As an column put it. we need to hold better instruction. non more instruction. * A high school sheepskin will non acquire anybody anyplace. because concern houses will non engage fresh high school alumnuss. * While pupils are stuck in Grades 11 and 12. colleges and universities will hold no freshers for two old ages. This will spell fiscal catastrophe for many private Higher Education Institutions ( HEIs ) . * The drop-out rate will increase because of the two excess old ages. More basically adding two more school old ages would merely worsen the state of affairs. * While public instruction is free. a political young person group estimates that a pupil would still necessitate an norm of P20. 000 per school twelvemonth to cover transit. nutrient. school supplies and other schooling disbursals. * Besides. based on the latest Family Income and Expenditure Survey. households prioritize disbursement for nutrient and other basic demands over their children’s school demands. Two more old ages for basic instruction would necessarily interpret to higher dropout rate. * Former Education secretary Mona Valisno stated in a detached survey that DepEd needs at least P100 billion to to the full turn to the deficit of 93. 599 schoolrooms and 134. 400 seats and P63 million for text editions and scholarships

ESPLENIA: Objectively. the plan is good. But the of import thing is what does the public say. Hindrances and opposing heads are at that place. extra old ages means extra disbursals Therefore. an excess attempt of explicating is needed as our DepEd secretary brother Luistro Armin explained. allow us non look at it as disbursals but instead more of an investing. traditionally hapless households have their kids worked right after high school. On the brighter side. k-12 envisions that alumnuss of senior high school are equipped with accomplishments to acquire better occupation chances even if they would non prosecute college which means a better income for the household. K-12 is non a perfect plan though through old ages of execution DepEd were unfastened for unfavorable judgments and suggestions. Since. one of its biggest jobs is the resources. Lack of schoolrooms. instructors. text editions and other stuffs yet budget in instruction additions still it is non plenty but. originating the spirit of integrity. This is non merely Deped plan or brother Luistro’s but alternatively it is a Filipino plan for the Filipinos. Positively. if the people see that it is feasible. aid from LGUs and private sectors will pour in.

Joel: History speaks itself that we had gone through BRIDGE. BEC. SEC and many alterations in our course of study. Hope this would be the last ; we are alone and adaptable to any sort environment. We Filipinos are subsisters. As they say. “bahala na…” let’s merely traverse the span when we get at that place. Prepared by:

Joel A. Raz
In decision. allow me state that the K to 12 plan does non merely impact DepEd instructors and personnel—it affects EVERYBODY. But as we all know. we are “prisoners” and we can non oppugn the governments ; we have become victims of the fortunes. However. I realized that regardless of whatever plan is being implemented by the authorities. or DepEd. or CHED for that affair. what matters is the dedication of the instructors. How are we willing to travel further and further and give it all we’ve got. even if there’s nil left of us to give? It is non a inquiry of how good is the plan ; it is a inquiry of how are the instructors willing to reply the call of fidelity to the noblest profession.


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