Shame Deanna I can relate to the decision making process currently in my life. Risk, uncertainty, lack of structure, and conflict are a few things that can happen when making a decision. My decision was whether to stay with my same company or leave and go to another company that does similar goods and services. Risk is always something that Is high when making a decision. I looked at risk as In me leaving my Job and the other company deciding they would no longer want me to be a part of their team.

Uncertainty also crossed my mind because I wondered how I would like this new company and would I fit in with what they want accomplished. I looked at the new company for structure. They are In the growing phrase so lack of structure may be a risk to take on. As any new company grows, they may have old polices they do not work anymore because they were a smaller company and may need to change or modify the policy to fit the needs of the companies new growth. Conflict Is always something that can happen when making a decision. My current company may let me go when I do put In a two week notice.

They may look at It as conflict with my new job and not want to lose business because I may tell my good clients where I’m going. My coworker will have an Issue when she finds out where I’m going because she was not offered a position with the new company. The text this week does relate to my experience In the decision making process. I do not think my decision would have been any different from the text. I had also used the four functions In management to determine If this was the best Job move for me. I decided to take on the position with the new company and hopefully no regrets will be made.


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