Decision with rationale          Molson is one of the largest beer producers in Canada with great popularity in the community through its various social activities throughout Canada as it has a high economic base and a high public base as well. The company used the social communication method to raise awareness about the responsible use of wine and to raise awareness about the damage related to excessive and irresponsible use. And then published a competition in Facebook to encourage university students and college (18-24) years to use their products through post pictures of themselves and friends in full party mode.The result of this advertising campaign the emergence of some images for the consumption of non-responsible alcohol, so the abolition of the competition came in a positive and responsible for the company to get rid of the negative consequences of this advertising campaign from health organizations and human rights organizations. Because clearly this competition may affect negatively on the age group by excessive drinking and violation the privacy rights of individuals involved. which results in negative results on ad campaign. Perhaps the most stressful aspect of the case is the people whos published photographs of them, but Molson company did not release any of their pictures and the apology and clarification through the company’s publications supports the status of the company legally and society. so, the big problem was the overall lack of control on competitor’s publications.stay inside social media is basic factor because of the advancement of technology, as we see today social media have become more competitive with the traditional media which almost be old channels. The social media has become an important marketing outlet for the various marketing processes. for that stay inside social media which has unlimited numbers of users is very important, but through appropriate media and also appropriate marketing in terms of publishing the product, the time of publishing, monitoring the reaction of customer, fast dealing with the reactions of consumers and competitors, anticipating risks, evaluate it and how to manage them.Summary/ConclusionMolson’s campaign promoted responsible behavior by cancellation the competition and publishing blog about drinking rules, thereby strengthening its social position. Although Molson did not achieve her financial goal through this promotional campaign she overcame the risk of completing this competition.After reviewing the case study, its worth mentioning to some points from Molson Co experience with using social media:first trying is not a fail measure, try again, see what is successful, override previous mistake.go ahead with a new life developments.collect money is not first always, in some case accepting a little to stay in and get a lot in the future.some ethics reflect positively to increase profit.


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