Definition of Ethics.- Study of what a group of people understand to be good and right, bad and wrong behavior also how people make those judgments.- A code of moral standards of conduct for what good and right also what bad and wrong.- Inform people on how to act in ways that meet the standards they set for themselves according to the values. How the Terms is Used?a) Ethics can pinpoint an agreement:This can be defined as if there is two people are arguing for an issue, an ethics will show them that what they are disagree about is just one of the particular issue, and for the other issues, they might be agree. b) Ethics can give several answers:This can be shown that ethics can give several answers that might be wrong to them. But usually there isn’t one right answer, there might be several right answers, or it can be wrong for several answers. And the individual must choose between the right or wrong one. c) Ethics can provide a moral map:Sometimes, there are just moral issues occurs and can make our work up, and some of the times it can lead us to arguing the issues. So, ethics will provide us a moral map in guiding us to face through the difficult issues. 2 Ethical Policies of organizations1) Use the university’s computing facilities only for the university-related purposes:Good points: Prohibited them from using the facilities for bad purposes, prevent them from wasting their money by buying things from online shopping, prevent them from wasting their time by not only focusing on social media, to protect the university’s name and pride and etc.Bad points: Users cannot use for other purposes if there’s an emergency that causes them have to use university’s computing facilities.2) You shall use a computers in ways that shows consideration and respect for your fellow humans.Good points: Give and take while using the computers without any hesitations.Bad points: Use the computer for own sake. For example, a person created a computer’s password only for him/her without letting other person knows the password. Ethics policy for university:ü Must not access, filter, alter, copy or remove information, proprietary software or other files.ü You’re encouraged to report any violation of these guidelines by another individual and any information.ü You must use only those computing facilities which the university has authorized you to use.ü You shall not use a computer to harm other people.ü You shall not use other people’s computer without authorization or proper compensation.ü You shall not copy or use proprietary software for which you have not paid.ü All physical devices must be controlled and monitored from uncontrolled cubicle areas.ü Each unit of computer must be inventoried before being use.


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