Many students, young and old, attend either a Community College or an University. All those same students are faced with need of becoming a superior college student and eventually a college graduate. Each student chooses to tackle the daily obstacles of college in their own fashion. In the end, the ones who walk across the stage, are the ones who took responsibility for their education and excelled through the trials. A superb college student must have a positive, ‘ready to go’ attitude, precise academic skills, and hard self discipline.

In my opinion, one of the things that make a brilliant college student, is their attitude. A student that comes in fifteen minutes late to their class, forgets their homework, and brings in a negative attitude, is not going to succeed in college. An adequate student is prepared and is focused. In order to be focused, good students have a prime amount of sleep, for the upcoming day. An excellent student is one who wants to be there and is ready to tackle whatever gets thrown their way next. These students also have a very open mind, especially when it comes to learning new things.

Even though it may not be parallel with their initial major, they are willing to learn what is being taught to them. They also keep a very open mind to different teaching styles as well. Every classroom has a unique teacher, social classmates, and vary on subject matter. An exceptional student is very humble in his or her education, because there is always something else to learn and its all about one’s attitude. Academic skills are key credentials for being a superb college level student. These include reading comprehensively, writing efficiently, great communication, and being able to understand concepts.

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A great student must excel in reading comprehension. For example, literature readings that are assigned from books, plays, and poems can have excessive amounts of material in which the student must complete. In order to read instructions clearly and review test questions, splendid reading comprehension is a must. To go along with this, superior students also write very efficiently in their essays, research papers, and job applications. Exceptional communication with your teachers and fellow classmates is a quality every bright student has.

Agile students know the difference between understanding and just memorizing a certain concept. They apply what they have learned in the classroom to the realities of whats outside. First-class students know self discipline and practice it through out their education and beyond the classroom. Learning how to manage your time between school, work, social life, and even sleep is beneficial to being a good student. Your college education certainly doesn’t come cheap, so a prime student knows how to manage their money between student loans, food, entertainment, and savings for when he or she graduates.

Favorable students know how to organize their belongs, in such a fashion, they know where to find anything they may need at anytime. This is so crucial for a bright and superior college student. Some irresponsible students will choose the path filled with endless partying and sleepless nights. Some will merely fly through college and get nothing rich out of the past couple years and go on with their lives. A first-class student, though, will take advantage of every opportunity and experience they may face. They will take what they have absorbed and use every ounce to further on their bright future.


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