Degrassi: The place where real teenagers meet real style

A show that sets fashion trends in Canadian high schools using realistic costume designs

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September 27/PR Newswire/ Epitome Pictures through their Degrassi crew bring to the Canadian teen public DEGRASSI PROM; the most elaborate and chic prom Designs available online. This will be Degrassi’s way of penetrating the clothing market through an elegant collection of prom jewelry, shoes, hair and make up. The line will be launched at Beverly Hills Hotel Boulevard with all the new season’s cast of Degrassi. The design will be none other than Steve Wright who is the cast’s costume designer.

“This launch is about taking Degrassi’s fashion influence by the horns. One only has to look at the way high school students embrace clothes from the show to understand Degrassi’s influence.” says Epitome marketing manager. “I believe that this launch was long overdue. There was a need to bridge the gap between what people see on television with the reality on the ground. Also, Canadian teens are having a difficult time deciding which outfit to wear during their prom nights and this fashion line will ease their transition. “

The product launch will target teenage consumers in their final high school year or those who are due for prom night. The purpose of this design is to create a platform where teenagers can purchase a series of chic prom items under one roof at affordable prices. The essence of the designs will be to capture the latest prom trends but still manage to make every individual look unique. It would certainly be unacceptable to find almost everyone with similar outfits at prom. (Kaplan, 2008)

The product launch will showcase some of the designs the teenagers can expect from the line.


Degrassi: The place where real teenagers meet real style

These products will not just be displayed on mannequins but will be modeled by the cast of Degrassi high.

Through this, members of the Canadian teenage public can see for themselves just how trendy they would look in the Degrassi Prom line. Beverly Hills was chosen as a location for the launch because this is the perfect venue for reflecting the essence of prom night. Proms are the only events in high school teenagers’ life where they can express their sense of elegance. (Kaplan, 2008)

Some of the products to be expected in the launch include shoes with special emphasis on ladies ware. Degrassi will introduce a new angle to prom foot ware in that shoes will be made stylish but realistic. The company will feature shoes that are comfortable enough to allow movement on prom night but still graceful enough to complement the overall prom night theme. In line with this offering, teenagers will have the choice of purchasing moderately heeled shoes and high heeled ones. In this regard, the shoes will have catered for those teenagers who are tired of becoming fashion victims or those who may not want to ruin their most important night by restricting their movements.

The launch will also provide teenagers with a variety of make up options to choose from. The cast of Degrassi high will be wearing make up designed exclusively for prom night and will be synonymous to their respective garments. The purpose of including make up in the product range is to provide a complete set of items that will contribute towards a redefined appearance on prom night. The launch will be a unique avenue for launching make up products because prom nights allow elaborate yet subtle make up in keeping with the theme.

Lastly, the design launch will also feature a series of collectables. These products will be created


Degrassi: The place where real teenagers meet real style

in such a manner that they can fit into teenager’s purses. The purpose of such an offering is to give teenagers that chance of maintaining their fresh look through out the prom night without necessarily carrying heavy bags with them all night. (Kaplan, 2008)

The launch’s most interesting aspect will be a short preview of how to create the Degrassi prom look. This will be the last aspect of the evening and will be done through a short film on how to prepare for prom night. The film will be an opportunity for teenagers to practice for their prom night. Every aspect will be covered in fine detail. There will be a preview of how to create the right hair for prom, how to apply make up for prom, how to choose the right shoes for the event and how to accessories a great outfit. These will be rehearsed on various members of the Degrassi cast. In order to represent the cultural diversity in the country, different categories of actors will be chosen for the short film.

The launch will be targeting teenagers who have a keen sense for fashion and interested persons will need to contact Epitome’s public relations office. Alternatively, those interested in attending the launch and meeting their idols in Degrassi can go to the program’s website Degrassi online, and then book a place in the event. The launch will be held on November 12th and the show will be start from seven pm to eleven.

About Epitome Pictures

Epitome Pictures is producer of a well known television series; Degrassi High. The show prides itself in creating a keen fashion sense in high school students through trendy outfits worn by their cast. Degrassi high has reached the heart of Canadian teenagers because it provides realistic outfits for actors and actresses. Epitome pictures has been involved in a variety of events related to Degrassi High and its


 management has decided to venture into the world of fashion through one product offering. More designs will be introduced into the teenage fashion segment in the future. For more information, please visit ####

For more information contact

Carol Black

Epitome PR Agency



Kaplan, B. (2008): Degrassi High Style, Weekend Post, 23rd August 2008, available at



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