Delhi -Leh on Bike


Bicycling circuit from Delhi to Leh is the highest motorable base on balls in the universe. The Khardung La Pass is set at a tallness of 18,370ft. Khardung La base on balls is the loftiest base on balls in India among the most bewitching 1. This trip starts from Manali and will take you to Rohtang Pass, Baralacha and Lachalangla. All these base on ballss are traversed by holding at nearby topographic points and small towns. Therafter, you will make to Tanglangla Pass at an height of 5360 m. This authoritative journey will offer you dramatic sights and landscape of Leh civilization as you travel deep into the high tableland of Ladkah. You will be draging through some waterless fields of Lahual to make the alcoholic green lands of Kullu vale. There will be some challenging and tickle pinking ascents. The landscapes vary harmonizing to the temperature ; a singular journey is difficult to beat.A

Major Attractions:

Leh Gompa

One of the most popular and most frequent visited by local tourers and aliens, Leh Gompa is placed high above the castle of Leh. It overlooks the ancient castle of the King of Tagpebums. This Gompa is besides known as Namgyal Tsemo Gompa. You can see a Buddha painted on the stones to the right side of castle.

Jami Masjid

White painted Jami musjid is set at the top of the street. This street follows one of the lanes that enter into an ancient town. Besides the uneven electric overseas telegram, nil more has transformed here. There is a Warren of level roofed houses, crumpling ‘Chortens ‘ , ‘Mani ‘ Walls and narrow flaxen streets. You can detect the chortens of late sixteenth century.

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Shanti Stupa

Shanti tope is a relatively new accession in Leh. It is set above the small town of Changspa. It was inaugurated in 1983 by the Dalai Lama. The sides of this tope are decorated with aureate panels picturing episodes from the life of the Buddha. It is the lone memorial set up around India by a “ Peace Sect ” of Nipponese Buddhists.

How to acquire at that place: A

By Air: The Leh airdrome connects straight to of import metropoliss like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Srinagar. Major air hoses like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways run on a regular basis from this airdrome.

By Road: Leh-Ladakh has really good web of roads to Srinagar and Manali. From June to October, the 434-km Leh-Srinagar route is operative, while the 473-km Leh-Manali route remains functional from July to September.

By Rail: The premier rail caput is Jammu Tawai in Jammu, approximately 690 kilometers off and linked with several major metropoliss across India.

The chief and the most traversed path is Srinagar-Leh. Kargil is the topographic point where you can take dark arrest. From June to November this path remains unfastened. Ordinary and gilded coachs of the J & A ; K run on this route day-to-day. You can engage taxis from Srinagar. From October to May route transit between Leh – Srinagar remains near.

About the location:

Leh is the capital of the Ladakh territory. It is perched at an height of 3505 metre above sea degree.

Topographic points to see nearby:

Spituk Monastery –Around 8 kilometer from Leh, Spituk monastery offers bird’s-eye positions of the Indus Valley for stat mis. You will happen many icons of Buddha and five thankas of fifteenth century monastery. A rich aggregation of ancient masks, old-timer weaponries, and an awe animating image of Mahakal are the chief attractive forces.

The Nubra Valley –Nubra vale is besides renowned as a blooming lair with xanthous and pink wild roses. It is relatively warmer than other vales of Ladakh. This forms it a perfect topographic point for harvests and fruits to turn. Research the Diskit small town which is close to Khlasar. Khalar is one of the hugest small towns of Nubra vale. Spend a memorable and pleasant quality clip with the white extremums around.

Phyang monastery:Another monastery called Phyang Monastery of Ladakh, situated at a distance of about 40 kilometers to the West of the Leh town. It belongs to the Red Hat Sect of Buddhism. The site where the monastery now stands was one time a portion of the legion cloistered belongingss, offered during the clip of Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial to Chosje Damma Kunga.Another attractive force of Phyang Gompa is its 900 old ages old museum. Its rich aggregation self-praises of legion graven images, thankas, Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian pieces and arms, etc.

Hemis monastery:Hemis monastery is about 47 kilometer from Leh, set on the west bank of the Indus. It is bounded by striking mountain scenery. Hemis monastery is belonged to Dugpa Order. One of the hugest and most flush monasteries, Hemis is deserving sing.


  • Do n’t sit without helmet.
  • When you are on bike, carry warm jackets and indispensable things.
  • Travel easy when you are on bike trip.
  • Carry necessary things in little proportion.
  • Carry path map with you ; take aid of map if required.
  • Keep your energy boosted and your thirst quenched.
  • Keep in head about the burden bound of motorcycle. Overloaded motorcycle can do obstructions in your trip.
  • Ensure that the rain cogwheel is close to your manus.
  • Keep in head that, you put bags nearby exhaust pipe.

Best clip to see:July to September

Thingss to transport:

  • A hydration battalion with a H2O vesica.
  • Sun spectacless
  • Binocularss
  • Sleeping bag
  • Woolen apparels, excess brace of apparels
  • Water, juices, bites
  • Electric torch
  • Medical kit
  • Baseball gloves, socks, places
  • Helmet

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