Delicious culinary art is decidedly something the whole universe is interested in. and a person’s gustatory sensation for nutrient can frequently uncover his life style. personality. and even position. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Prologue to The Canterbury Tales. we can larn about the Franklin’s cordial reception and hedonic life style through Chaucer’s portrayal of the Franklin’s refined love of keen culinary art. Through his exalted enunciation. usage of poetic devices. and imagination. Chaucer revealed the Franklin’s love for pure nutrient. cordial reception. pureness. and honest actions. Chaucer smartly unveiled the Franklin’s personality. societal position. and lifestyle through his graphic description of the Franklin and usage of metaphor and allusion. Populating in the Medieval clip period. during which delightful culinary art was cherished and scarce due to the deficiency of resources. a person’s visual aspect could state us a batch about his or her lifestyle and societal position without talking a word. Chaucer must hold similar thoughts about a person’s visual aspect. for he has dedicated many lines to depict the Franklin’s visual aspect. which can take us to penetrate his eating wont. wealth and even his personality. “As white as. ” Chaucer writes. “any daisy shone his face fungus ; ” ( 312 )

White is besides associated with pureness and aristocracy. and the fact that his face fungus is as white and glistening as a beautiful flower suggests that the Franklin loves pure things. specifically pure and premier nutrient. Furthermore. Franklin’s “sanguine complexion” suggests that is really healthy. unlike the pale faces of hapless. malnourished people. His ruddy face is besides a consequence of his hedonic life style. for he loves to imbibe wine everyday. Chaucer goes on to stress the Franklin‘ hedonic life style: “Always to pleasure would his usage tally. for he was Epicurus’ ain son” ( 315 ) . Epicurus is a Grecian philosopher who taught that felicity is the end of life ; Chaucer’s usage of allusion makes it clear that the Franklin has inherited his love of excess from his “father” . who thinks that life is about seeking pleasance. In add-on. Franklin’s hedonic life style is personified by his firm love of pure and premier nutrient. Eating the most delightful nutrient possible is an indispensable. if non the most of import. portion of his life.

However. the Francklin is ne’er a miser. for he loves to portion his hoarded wealth. nutrient. with his neighbours and is celebrated for his cordial reception. Chaucer writes: “Householder he. a mighty and a good ; He was Saint Julian in his neighborhood” ( 320 ) . Here. Chaucer uses an allusion once more which indicates the Franklin’s cordial reception. for Saint Julian is the saint of hospitably. whose duty is to supply for his invitees. and Franklin is the Saint Julian of his community. Furthermore. we learn that the Franklin is a really finical and selective feeder and supplier ; he makes certain all his ingredients. vino. and nutrient are the best. and that they are ever ready to be served. “ It seemed the topographic point was snowing meat and imbibe. All mincing nutrient whereof a adult male could think” ( 326 ) . Not merely that. with the altering seasons. the Franklin has a assortment of keen nutrient. A individual who merely cares about nutrient is considered to be gluttonous ; nevertheless. the Franklin thinks about far more than merely nutrient. He has duties. and he works diligently to serve his county and protect his people.

“At Sessionss he would play the Godhead and sire ; He went to parliament as knight-of-shire” ( 335 ) . The Franklin has tonss of duties because he is trusty and diligent. The People of his town trusted him their representative. and he had served as both sheriff and hearer. He works at the parliament to function his town. ”A sticker and bag of woven silk Hung at his girdle. white as forenoon milk. ” ( 338 ) . Chaucer compares the Franklin’s bag to pure white forenoon milk. Chaucer’s uses repeat of the colour white to demo that the Franklin is pure. undefiled and honest.

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In add-on to the colour white. milk is a metaphor that conveys the Franklin’s value for his people. Milk is humanity’s first nutrient and represents loving attention ; merely so. the Franklin nourishes and takes good attention of his neighbours. We learn by the terminal of the Prologue about the Franklin that the Franklin is basically an admirable adult male. The Franklin non merely has a great gustatory sensation for nutrient but besides is a hardworking and responsible county functionary. Franklin is really finical about nutrient ; he loves merely the most keen dishes and vino. which reveals his pureness and the rigorous criterions he holds for himself. However. the Franklin is non a miser. Chaucer describes him as the Saint Julian of his vicinity. for he loves to ask for his neighbours over and portion his delicacy nutrient and ale. In add-on. he is trusty and responsible. as he is selected to stand for his county. Who does non love delightful nutrient. who would non wish to travel on pilgrim’s journey with a adult male who is dependable. amiable. and provides the best nutrient?


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