In this Individual Research Paper, we come across the subject of Tourism and Hospitality. It consists of a assortment of treatments. The first treatment is based on the importance and distinction of presenting quality services in the Hospitality Industry and other concerns.

The 2nd treatment speaks of Community-Based Tourism. The advantages, disadvantages and deductions of this type of touristry were clearly discussed every bit good how this signifier of touristry diversifies the Jamaica Tourism Product.

The 3rd and last treatment speaks of the important impacts engineering has had on the Travel and Tourism Industry.


Delivering quality services is a direction procedure of uninterrupted betterment through which everyone strives to make and back up an environment in which people are committed to functioning and run intoing the demands of clients. ( KINGERY, 2005 ) However, quality in the Hospitality Industry is defined as the “ consistent delivering of merchandises and guest services at expected criterions. Delivering quality service is an of import factor in the experience that guests receive during their visits to lodging operations. ( Hayes & A ; Ninemeier, 2011 )

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In today ‘s environment, first-class client service is going the nucleus competitory advantage in the hotel industry. Servicess are delivered by individuals in existent clip. ( Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner M. J. , & A ; Gremler D. D. , 2008 ) Frontline employees are viewed as the most of import plus in an organisation, being they are capable of accomplishing and prolonging competitory advantages. ( Kim Hoque, 2000, p.6 ) As a consequence, companies must acknowledge the importance of their employees in stand foring and reenforcing the company ‘s trade name image and presenting the service right from client ‘s point of position.

When employees provide the quality services demanded by the client, their desires can be met. The company so additions a positive repute hence accomplishing the higher market portions than its rivals. ( Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner M. J. , & A ; Gremler D. D. , 2008 ) Employees, who are knowing, understanding, and concerned about clients ‘ demands influence the five dimensions of service quality. These are:

Reliability – the company ‘s curse to execute quality services accurately.

Responsiveness – Employees willingness to help clients and prompt services.

Empathy – Specialized attending the organisation provides to its clients.

Assurance – Courtesy, credibleness, security and competency.

Tangibles – in mention to the visual aspect of physical installations, forces, equipment and stuffs for communicating.

It is important to understand and run into the wants and demands of the client with equal employees ‘ service. ( Wilson et al. , 2008 ) By fulfilling the wants and demands of the clients, you have set the foundation in making a relationship based upon trust and trueness with them. ( Kidwai, 2011 )

Presently, the Hospitality Industry is spread outing and competition is on an addition. Multinational Organizations are going more innovated and sing new agencies of accomplishing certain criterions in offering convenience to clients. ( Kidwai, 2011 )

Once a client truly believes he ‘s having value for his money, his return would be assured. On the other manus, displeasure with your client service will do him to make the exact antonym ( by non returning ) to your organisation every bit good as composing bad reappraisals of his stay at your house on going web sites. ( Kidwai, 2011 )

When covering with clients in other concerns, employees are n’t as synergistic with the clients. For illustration, A lady goes grocery shopping and is approximately to hard currency out. High degrees of interaction are n’t needed between the teller and the client. Merely common courtesy is cardinal in a state of affairs like that every bit good as non-verbal communicating in the sense of portraying positive attitude, appropriate organic structure linguistic communications and gestures. Therefore service in other concerns is slightly different from services delivered in cordial reception in footings of dealingss to their clients. In all concern industries, client satisfaction is the purpose.


Community-Based Tourism is one type of touristry that incorporates high degrees of community engagement under the sustainable umbrella. It is frequently viewed as the opposite spectrum from well-developed organisations such as: hotels, resorts, staff of life and breakfasts, motels etcetera ; owned by corporations that have limited economic linkages to communities with possibly some occupants of local community being hired in low skilled and low paid occupations. ( Sharpley & A ; Telfer, 2008 ) Community-Based Tourism is local touristry developed in local communities in advanced ways by assorted persons and groups, little concern proprietors, enterprisers, local associations and authoritiess. ( Sharpley & A ; Telfer, 2008 ) The vision of Community-Based Tourism is to expose the local resources and endowments every bit good as doing the construct world for local persons. Community Tourism consists of a broad scope of touristry. This may include: eco-tourism, cultural touristry, adventure touristry, recreational touristry and all the popular particular involvement touristry. ( Hayle )

Community-Based Tourism has several advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages may include:

Provides employment for local communities – This type of touristry provides a assortment of occupations for the shacking members of the community. Job creative activities contribute to the development of the rural countries. These countries are typically the 1s that are being characterized by their deficit of installations. Hence it provides a mean of endurance for community members. ( Ashley, 2000 )

Provides beginning of local goods and services – The sourcing of locally available goods and services is really of import for the community as chances are created for little graduated table, common operators, who otherwise would non hold entree to the mainstream touristry industry, which is largely foreign dominated. ( Bah & A ; Goodwin, 2003 ) This type of touristry conveying more benefits for community members as it makes usage of locally available stuffs and creates higher multiplier effects as most of the income generated is retained in the local economic system.

Respect for Local Culture, Heritage and Traditions. Community-based touristry reinforces civilization, heritage and traditions. For the quality experience of the visitants our civilization is kept at a high criterion. It may besides assist the tourers to appreciate their ain civilization as good. ( Hayle )

Some disadvantages of Community-Based Tourism may include:

Lack of good managerial, selling and entrepreneurial accomplishments – This means that community ‘s enterprise has been marred by hapless managerial, entrepreneurial and selling accomplishments and techniques. Hence, if the concern is non managed decently, its executings would non be efficaciously delivered to its clients ensuing in the concern enduring a loss.

Lack of community engagement and engagement – Lack of interaction and engagement means the community ‘s voice is seldomly heard. Decisions made may non stand for the wants of the community. On the other manus bipartisan communicating is indispensable for the successful running of community-based touristry ventures. Members of the community holding a sense of ownership is really of import because communities can merely hold active participants in touristry undertakings if they have a sense of ownership of the assorted undertakings. ( Scheyvens, 2002 )

Resentment to tourers – Overtime abode of the community may develop certain sum bitterness towards the tourers. The deduction of this would do the tourers to non experience welcomed ensuing in them non returning back to the finish every bit good as doing the state to be severely reviewed.

Loss of Natural Resources – Members of the community may get down to go concerned about the preservation of their natural resources. The deduction of this would do community abodes to keep from the industry every bit good as deficiency of privateness due to local development.

Harmonizing to ( Hayle ) , “ All community-based touristry merchandises should offer a memorable visitant experience based on keeping high criterions and high quality merchandises. ”

Through the Community-Based Tourism Policy being developed, Jamaica ‘s economic system will greatly be benefited through touristry. Global trends in the traveling market are increasing by concentrating on visitants ‘ involvements on heritage, civilization, nature and adventure-based experiences. More of our net incomes from community-based touristry will be retained locally and more Jamaicans will be able to derive from the economic activity touristry achieved, ” said Bartlett. ( Brown, 2011 )

The chief end of the policy is to guarantee Jamaica ‘s peculiarity, rich cultural and natural heritage is sought after by the discerning visitant, which would increase touristry reachings and net incomes. ( Brown, 2011 )

Therefore, by diversifying community-based touristry, Jamaica would develop a more competitory advantage than other states in the Caribbean, even worldwide. Our civilization and heritage is truly interesting to foreigners. More so, fables such as Bob Marley and Usain Bolt originated from Jamaica, hence that could besides lend the entire figure of visitant ‘s reaching to the state.


The Tourism Industry has been straight affected by engineering. Technology has straight influenced the ability of capturing tourers to non merely detect new finishs, but to besides see the finish after look intoing the location at their leisure. ( Carlson, 2009 ) Today, in respects to instant information being available and dependable by travel webs, linguistic communication and cultural barriers are easier to get the better of. The going experience of today is far more improved than going in the yesteryear. Apart from the distant facets of planetary touristry, local touristry has besides been greatly improved by the benefits of engineering. ( Carlson, 2009 )

In the yesteryear, touristry was merely focused on locations that were good known to those that lived in the country or were old visitants. If non all, so most of the finish ‘s information and inside informations were passed by ”word of oral cavity ” , while the privileges were merely given to the few who had the money to afford the traveling costs. During that period, lower-class persons could n’t afford to take months out of their agendas to go back and Forth, and remain every bit good. Therefore, as a consequence, the power of travel had improved dramatically ; shortly individuals were able to travel a batch farther and faster for a lower cost. ( Carlson, 2009 )

In today ‘s universe, engineering has placed information in the custodies of the tourer whenever they are in demand of it. Details on finishs can now be accessed at travel offices, through booklets, by the cyberspace, and other topographic points. With the usage of engineering these yearss, it is now possible for travelers to cipher precisely, the cost of everything beforehand. Visitors now have entree to prior information of the finish before sing at that place. In mention to local tourer, it is every bit easy as walking in to a supermarket to grocery store. All finishs are known for at least one capturing characteristic that will fascinate travelers who are new to the country. ( Carlson, 2009 )

Apart from merely information, the chief purpose engineering has had on the Travel and Tourism Industry is how it has been utilized to market the finish to the possible tourers before they even think of going. This has been accomplished through mediums such as: picture taking, picture records, sound records and more. Travelers are left with merely one thing to make, and that is to see it all in individual. ( Carlson, 2009 )

There are so many ways for tourers to take attention of their touristry needs on the computing machine that it has made the antique manner of booking a holiday about passe . ( Demerica, 2009 ) As follows are some of the ways in which the engineering, via. ( Internet ) has affected touristry:

Pricing – Vacation bundles have been drastically reduced because of the cyberspace. The cyberspace has allowed travelers to happen better holiday trades at lower monetary values. This increases competitions which would do it impossible for the monetary values to stay high. As a consequence, this causes touristry to be one of the best markets for purchasers of great holidaies. ( Demerica, 2009 )

Booking – Tourists can now book their flights, hotel, rental autos and anything else they need to make online. This merely means that the cyberspace has made traditional travel agents a thing of the yesteryear. Travellers no longer hold to pass excess money on a travel agent when they can make it with a few chinks of the mouse from place. Back in the yearss, booking holidaies was ne’er easy, but now engineering has made it easier and cheaper for travelers. ( Demerica, 2009 )

Unknown Areas – Unknown countries of the universe are now being discovered because of the cyberspace. Travelers do more researches on activities that they are most interested in take parting in. Once the finish has intrigued them and is fit to supply good value of client satisfaction, travelers will see. Finishs in countries that were n’t recognized as being a tourer ‘s hot spot are going more and more popular because of engineering ( cyberspace ) . You do n’t hold to calculate out what you are making when you get at that place either. You can hold it all planned out in front of clip. ( Demerica, 2009 )

Confirmation – Travelers can non merely do their engagements online, they can corroborate their travel all every bit good. Once once more, the cyberspace has made life much easier for individuals desiring to go. Tourism has been enormously affected by the usage of the cyberspace. ( Demerica, 2009 )

Communication – Back so travelers would remain in touch with household and friends by composing letters and directing post cards. Now, with the betterment of engineering, travelers keep the communicating with friends and household by directing electronic mail, Social Networking, Video Chatting, and other agencies. ( Jane Ormond, 2011 )

Technology has besides significantly impacted the manners of transit by tourer. In the yesteryear, going to travel someplace was wash uping as manners of transits were done by pes, animate beings and long drives by bikes, boats, trains and aeroplanes. Early vehicles were operated by human and or carnal power, but with engineering on the rise, the innovation of different engines for different machines came in to existence. Steam engines were invented in the 19th century ; they were used to power engines and ships. The internal-combustion engine, invented in the 1880 ‘s usage was to power autos and trucks and of class jets engines that were used to power aircrafts in the 1940 ‘s. ( A©2012 StudyMode, 2008 ) Hence with these innovations, going does non necessitate much human power in modern yearss every bit good as the evolvement of these of machine has made going more accommodative, faster and cheaper for tourers.


Therefore it can be concluded that presenting quality services in the Hospitality Industry is in fact of import for the sustainability of the industry. In order to maintain organisations sustainable, clients ‘ feedbacks should keenly be taken in to consideration. By listening and larning the concern creates a positive difference by understanding the importance of client service in the Hospitality Industry and other concerns.

It can besides be concluded that Community-Based Tourism has both advantages and disadvantages. In this economic crisis, for local persons, community based touristry has provided employment. It contributes to the sustainability of our civilization, heritage and traditions, more so accommodating to other civilizations as good. It besides provides a competitory advantage for the Jamaica Tourism Product.

Technology has significantly impacted the Travel and Tourism Industry in both a positively and negative mode. Positively, going in modern times saves clip and energy for tourer every bit good as exposure to new topographic points. Negatively, in respects to the functions and duties of travel agents, engineering has reduced the demand for such forces. As clip goes by, this peculiar occupation field may somehow go non-existent.


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