Introduction Before, I thought that I was living In a crazy country, or maybe It’s Just me who became a lunatic. God, I was so wrong. I slowly faced it, this thing we call, “reality’. Sadly though, more than half of the world’s population doesn’t even acknowledge it. Why? Because they poisoned themselves with fantasies and hopeless dreams that will never come true. What’s worse is that they never had the initiative to antidote themselves to this “deadly’ ghost. Truly, delusion got them at Its finest. “Delusion” Is such a plain word with a very deadly purpose In ruining us, deadly, as In, “sanity leers”.

The dictionary tells us that delusion Is something that Is falsely or delusively believed or propagated, or a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; this is also the abnormal state marked by such beliefs. Now, I agree to everything that the dictionary told me about this delusion, but if I were to define it by my own terms, delusion Is a thick barrier that pulls us away from our Maker and Is a powerful tool which can kill our sanity without us, noticing It.

Delusion, for me, can also mean the ignorance of one’s significant truth and the indulging of something that is unlikely to exist at all. II. Body There are so many reasons as to why this deadly belief turns the world upside down. The problem with people nowadays is that they dream excessively, so big that they are carried away and is cast in a spell which they can’t easily undo. Now, I’m not saying It’s harmful to dream, sometimes, It Just Lies on the person him/herself to know his/ her Limitations_ One dreams but mostly It turns to some non-existent, harmful obsession over something that’s never going to come true.

Delusion is caused mainly by a person’s overshadowing ignorance over the beauty of truth. It’s just so saddening to see how society is becoming blind to temporary materials and they let themselves be consumed by that venom. There are several factors as to why this world Is turning delusional, one would be the excessive use of harmful chemicals to one’s body. When people are stressed, most of them give In themselves to the pleasure of smoking, drinking alcohol, or use of Illegal drugs. People think that these wings will help them get over whatever problems they’re facing at the moment.

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And just by this act, it can be concluded that most people just run away from what they “should” face. Another important factor that I see nowadays is the ignorance of people towards “love”. I’m not being bitter about not having an intimate relationship with anyone but Judging from this generation, I could perfectly see how youngsters these days take “love” In such an Insulting way. People take “love” for granted In such a way that they mistake it for lust and pleasure, and once a person is tired of it, he/ he will Just “fall out of love” a. . A he/ she will Just abandon and throw away the other person like some piece of trash. What irks me is that some people are so dense of the fantasy that another person gives them. And two-timing? Oh, no. This is Just so pathetic and a very clear Image of ignorance to people’s feelings. This once again Is a delusional act of mistaking and Ignoring “love” for something else. But the worst living. Sloth, he can make any person ignore any communication with God. Greed, he can make anyone blind with money, fame or material treasures.

Anger, he can erasure anyone to hate everything in this world, blocking the happiness that should spread throughout. Lust, he can make anyone crave for desires that are unworldly and ungodly. Gluttony, he can make anyone consume more than what they should have. Envy, he can end one’s spiritual life by making one desire over another person’s possessions. And lastly, Pride. He can take away your sanity by completely blocking your faith to God, letting you enter into a delusion where you, yourself is the “god”. “The world is ugly, yet it is also beautiful. This is one beautiful quote I learned from Attack on Titan”, an animated series. “The world is ugly’ this phrase shows how this world is clouded by non-existent fantasies and how people pathetically succumb to them; “yet it is also beautiful” this phrase which is a contradiction to the first phrase shows that even though the world is blinded, there is a way to wake up and open their eyes to the holiness and greatness of “reality’. In this life, you only have two options to choose on: To live up to reality or to die in complete of state of delusion. That’s why the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way. Fits the situation of the world eight now. It’s not too late to realize the essence of life and living through reality. Overcoming your delusional self is like returning to God’s embrace. Learn to accept and move on. And most importantly, learn to pray. Instead of avoiding the “truth”, learn to accept it and in return, ignore the 7 deadly sins that tempt you to a world of nothingness. But then, this won’t be possible without your own willpower to do so. L, myself, admit that I have once been delusional about things around me and most importantly, my life. But, guess what? I learned to overcome it bit by bit.

I’m not saying I’m completely liberated from this, but I am proving to the world that I am not easy anymore, that I am not going to submit myself to something I am not and will never be. It’s only God’s advice and your own willpower that can help yourself, not your parents, not your friends. Ill. Conclusion If I were to summarize how this delusional world looks like now, this line from the song, “Open M. I. C” from Epic High, a Korean Hip-hop group, showed it perfectly, “… It seems like everybody want play God, but they blame God, shame God, spit and lie to the same God… Artfully speaking, this is how majority of the people are in the society right now. Many people have forgotten how beautiful it is to live in a life of reality and truth. Isn’t it wonderful to live a life that is real and peaceful? Isn’t it painful to hear that you’re Just living a in a faded that looks real but so fake? The beauty of reality is that you are able to do anything freely without feeling stressed and bothered, because it’s real. Reality is God, and God is the reality, that’s the most beautiful truth in this world. Ignoring reality is like ignoring God.

Lastly, I would like o share some self-made quotes by me, “Truth hurts but delusion kills. ” And “The ugliest truth can bear the most beautiful fruit in life. ” This is an advice to everyone out there, there’s still hope. Let’s face reality while there’s still time left. Let us open our eyes to the beauty of reality and shut down our feelings of delusion and focus on moving on with life. Let us submit ourselves again to God’s embrace and learn to be content with His blessings. And let us be thankful for God’s unending patience and His ways of helping us wake up in a dream we shouldn’t be in. I offer this speech to


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