Describe the various stages of a hiring process and your strategy as an H. R. Manager to optimize this process for your organization. The hiring process Is, generally, the same for all organizations, and It consists of three main stages: recruitment, selection and induction. Recruitment is a process of attracting the widest pool of talents for a vacancy, and there is a variety of ways to recruit new people. First option is to give a vacant job to a current employee, in other words, to give a promotion.

This Is very convenient, as there will be no need to explain to that person how the company works, there is already a record on the performance and this gives the right message to other employees, but, on the other hand, every time somebody gets promoted, a new vacancy is created. Apart from that, it is very important to have a constant flow of “new blood” into the company, because this Is the only way to create the diversity and generate new ideas. Second option to recruit new employees is to get the referrals from current employees.

These may Include family members, friends, previous co-workers and others. This could be a good choice, because those people would have some knowledge of the company, but it is important to make sure that he H. R. Manager stays reasonable and refers more to qualifications and work experience, rather than someone’s recommendation. Hiring former workers can be another good option. There are always people, who had to leave the company due to some circumstances, such as lay-offs, pregnancy, Illness leave etc. The only disadvantage is that sometimes those people are already occupied or not easy to find.

Other ways to recruit people include advertisements(radio and print) and internet. The internet is commonly used, especially when the HER manager is looking or the general staff, but It Is not suitable to find people for the senior positions. It Is also possible to find new employees by using an employment agencies, but as an HER manager I would not consider this option, because there are plenty of ways to recruit people without using a third party. If a company Is looking for a person to fill in a senior or executive position, it Is better to hire a headhunter.

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Those people are trained to find exactly what you need, and know how to match people and Jobs. I would use this way of recruitment If I needed to find someone for a higher position in short period of time. Sometimes an HER manager can also look at the temporary workers and the current clients of the company. Maybe the person needed is one of those people, and it can be a plus, because then, the new employee will be already familiar with the business. When a company wants to attract some very new and fresh people, its good to recruit collage graduates.

This way, when hiring somebody, you can raise the prospective Close and Coos starting from the beginning of their t Off The second step of the hiring process is selection. On this stage an HER manager sakes a choice or rejection of suitable candidates based on a variety of different criteria. The most common selection tools are application forms and C.v.. Those are very efficient screening methods which help HER managers to chose the most suitable candidates out of a large number of resumes which are based on person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience.

Another selection tool is a letter of recommendation. This one is commonly used, but I personally do not consider this tool as the most reliable one, because it is technically not possible to give a negative dieback to your employee. Ability tests based on personality psychology(extrovert, leadership), and skills testing can be also used at some stage of the selection process, but those tests might be very objective. HER managers can minimize the risk of hiring the employee who will not be able to succeed at the new position by conducting a reference check.

For this a manager should contact the previous employer of the candidate or their supervisor. Usually a reference check is one of the last steps in the selection process. Also it is very useful to make a background check, which include academic, criminal, medical, financial, and immigration records. Nowadays it is also common to check the faceable pages and social network accounts of future employees. After all of the tests and checkups were done, the selection process comes to its final stage, which is an interview.

The interview gives an HER manager an opportunity to fill-in the gaps in C.v. and further evaluate the applicant’s Job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. Normally, after the interview HER manager and the employee can take a decision which of the candidates to hire. The last stage of the hiring process is Induction. Induction means making the new employee feel comfortable, taking him/her through the company’s vision, mission, as well as introducing him to the key people in the organization It consists of training and development.

Training is short-term, based on skills improvement, Job specific, individual correcting or improving performance and productivity. Development is long-term, carrier planning, personal development and teamwork. Induction also includes a process of adaptation of a freshman into a company. As a HER manager I would make sure that the new employee feels comfortable in a new environment, knows the corporate mission, gets on well with other people and knows some basic company’s rules: what time are the breaks for a coffee, how do you keep the documents, who are the subordinates etc.

Later on I would make sure that a new employee is a good member of a team, and that the training is continuously done. The stages of the hiring process are numerous, there are many different options of recruitment, selection and induction. The most important is to keep in mind, that the best results are achieved when you have the right people doing the right things and enjoying what they do.


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