Many pupils enter college anticipating good times. cognition. friendly relationships. and a new sense of way. When I foremost got to William Penn I didn’t believe I would derive any of that. As clip has passed I realized that WPU does hold a batch to offer but everything takes patients. I besides had to recognize that everything wasn’t traveling to come easy either. I shortly found out that college comes with challenges and battles because of the great demands and outlooks that comes with success. The demands of making many different things with really small clip can go overpowering. But I believe I’m get downing to acquire the bent of it. There are a limited figure of pupils on the campus so it makes it easier to concentrate in category that’s something I truly like. Puting in long hours and worrying about category does convey excess emphasis but I’m larning to equilibrate it all out. Coming to WPU has besides taught me to hold an unfastened Ming that I can’t merely do the tihngs that I know how to make. I have to seek new things that im unconfortable making. I believe go toing this university will open many doors for me. It will besides assist me maturate and go a better pupil. WPU wiil besides assist me construct my calling and get down my life on the right way. I chose to come to William Penn becaus I knew that a school far off would give me a better opportunity to concentrate on school without excessively many distractions. Another ground I chose William Penn is because I’m really deticated to basketball and train Henry offered me scholarship money to give me an oppurtunity to play. I besides did my research and I noticed that the hoops squad had a great season and great plan. So I figured it was an award that William Penn wanted me. I besides have lived in Louisiana my whole life so I was truly read for the college experience and something different other than Louisiana. So far I’m experiencing that William Penn was the right pick for me. I needed a new start off from all my jobs back place. I was truly doing bad picks that was get downing to take my life in a way that I was non prepared for. Ofcourse all my jobs are non traveling to merely travel off but being at William Penn is giving me an oppurtunity to populate my dreams and revatuate myself as a individual. Then I will be able to cover with my issues back place as a different individual with a better head set. So I definately don’t regret coming to this school because it is maintaining me grounded and edifice character


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