The present article was written in order to supply a model that can hike the sustainable development of rural touristry in mountain country. It is already known that -in footings of natural heritage- Romania has the necessary resources that can run into the demands of mountain touristry development, both for winter athleticss and for summer. Because of this, the present article addresses the issue of bring forthing tourer flows in ArieE™eni, taking into history issues related to finish branding procedure.

Cardinal words: rural touristry, finish stigmatization

J.E.L. categorization: L83, M31, M39

1. Introduction

Tourism has ever been an of import constituent of civilisation, which has led to the lasting development of civilization and humanity. Mountain country, one of the three specifying constituents of landscape construction in our state, contributes to a great extent to the diverseness of the tourer potency of Romania, offering a broad assortment of touristic original attractive forces which are extremely valuable, while anthropogenetic touristry possible complete harmoniously the beauty of the nature.

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Sing the rural touristry, it has a peculiar valency that is translated into a specific grasp and increasing demand, since it is based on the properties of the rural countries. Besides, because rural touristry aˆzrepresents a convergence of societal and economic involvements at local degree ” [ 3 ] and, at the same clip, because the simple life style and the chance of the temporarily return to nature represents a motive for all socio-professional classs ( because is the consequence of the inclination of preservation, wellness, physical comfort, and non merely ) , is detected -in Romania- the enhance of this type of touristry. In the context of finish stigmatization, perceived as the procedure of designation of those competitory advantages of a peculiar country in order to distinguish itself from other similar parts that provide comparative similar services and utilize their ain schemes in order to pull tourers, Arieseni compete intensively with other mountain country from Transylvania and demands to heighten its attraction in order to pull tourers and to increase its place on the touristic market.

2. Issues related to rural touristry

Rural touristry niche focuses on life in rural communities, impacting those tourers who seek to profit from the specific intrinsic qualities offered by the intimacy to nature, by the sense of continuity and stableness, by the life of a vivid and digesting history, by the close familiarisation of the local community members – together with the concerns and specific activities ( as opposed to irrationalism and namelessness of the homo ) .

The specializers in the field of rural touristry sort it into legion classs, depending on the particular of the country in which the tourer activity takes topographic point. This is the account why there are several different footings, like ecological, thematic touristry or like agro-tourism [ 8 ] .

The sustainable development of rural touristry plays a important function and importance in the resurgence and the economic recovery of a region-especially because it is non characterized by seasonality- , the context in which the sustainable touristry involves the development of all signifiers of touristry so that the direction and touristry selling regard the natural, societal and economic unity of the environment, guaranting the development natural and cultural resources for future coevalss.

Rural touristry appears as a signifier of touristry focused on finishs from rural countries where activities are based on a close connexion with the natural environment and are organized and led by local people – so that the local touristry resources, adjustment installations, functional construction and other heterogenous services are valued.

It is clear that the EU member states have touristry potency, demoing a important grade of tourer attractive force – fact that is appropriate to rural touristry development.

The uninterrupted addition of the fight, the desire to defy on the market and to accomplish a higher net income leads decision makers of the rural tourer pensions to go more and more interested in a uninterrupted monitoring of tourers ‘ demands in order to to the full, fast and effectual satisfy them.

3. Arieseni and its features

Sourced in the western bound of Apuseni Mountains, Aries watercourse crosses one of the most dramatic vales of the Carpathians. The center and upper sectors of the watercourse signifier one of the most populated mountain vales in Romania. ArieAYeni is located in the foothills of Bihor, in Alba County ( Figure 1 )

Figure 1 – Arieseni ‘ location

Located in the picturesque scenery of Bihorului Mts, Arieseni shows the specific characteristics of the cragged landscape, with heights runing from 850 to 1848 m, and covers the full H2O beginning basin of Ariesul Mare. The karst phenomena conveying a big assortment of signifiers to the landscape: bouldery abrupts, deep vale and gorges, ridges every bit good as “ negative ” ( underground ) karst phenomena: caves, shafts, swallow holes, karst depressions, belowground watercourses.

ArieE™eni has a singular potency for touristry development, the country holding multiple valencies to pattern a varied and complex touristry. The chief attractive force is the incline Vartop, located on the northern side of Biharia Mt. The northern sides of the mountain allow for the development of the skiing country while the southern sides permit the development of the tourer installations for adjustment, nutrient etc.

Within some of the caves there still be big ice sedimentations, of which the best known is the Glacier in Scarisoara. Besides, the natural resources existent in this include nature militias ( Cheile Gardisoarei, Avenul din Hoanca Urzicarului, etc. ) , waterfalls ( Varciorog ) , caves ( Scarisoara Glacier, “ Poarta lui Ionele ” ) and gorges ( Galbenei and Ordancusei Gorges ) .

Even if touristry has suffered because of the passage to market economic system and the development of mountain country was non a precedence for the recovery advancement of natural resources for touristry -fact attested in our state by the comparatively modest equipment, both qualitatively and quantitatively, both in substructure and other countries like adjustment, leisure etc.- , current tendencies show the sensitiveness of touristry to economic and societal stimulations. Sing these, some of the strengths of Arieseni are summarized below:

it is one of the most developed countries in Alba County, in footings of touristry ;

its milieus represent ethno-folk and agro dedicated countries ;

it is positioned in the propinquity of Ponor – Padis country, topographic point of several celebrated tourer attractive forces ;

it benefits from the support of touristry development by local governments ( development of promotional stuffs, strong local enterprise in advancing touristry, publicity of new paths, developing the web of tourer information centres ) ;

touristry activity is conducted both in summer and winter ;

camp pupils of Arieseni registry a changeless activity and is appreciated at local degree ;

there is a rich tourer offer in relation to other countries of Romania ;

it benefit from a recognized gastronomy ;

many natural countries have remained in good saving ;

the International Congress of Rural Tourism held at Alba Iulia promoted Apuseni mountains and ArieE™eni country, so future investings are expected ;

4. Aspects sing finish stigmatization: Arieseni – rural touristry in mountain country

The procedure of branding helps a part to specify its individuality, to advance itself, to pull attending and to distinguish from others.

Branding procedure, which consists of

placing that specific feature of the merchandise, service or geographical country is a hard one, due both to fierce competition and to variable client outlooks.

In order to speak about tourer finish stigmatization, it is necessary to advert what a tourer finish involves. As defined by the International Agency for Tourism, it represents a vicinity consisting of a set of touristic attractive force elements which is equipped with adjustment, nutrient and amusement installations for tourists- for a certain period of clip. Therefore, mountain tourer resort can be defined as a topographic point that has picturesque mountain milieus and uncontaminated environment that includes specific touristry constructions and equipment ( ski inclines etc. ) .

Sing this, it can be said that “ [ aˆ¦ ] finish branding represents the procedure of developing and using a alone individuality and personality that distinguishes from rivals through a positive image, whose purpose is to capture the kernel of the finish in order to advance its nucleus values ” [ 10 ] .

All these have been said, is necessary to advert the fact that “ [ aˆ¦ ] rural touristry services have the specific properties and can be identified as thought, amusement, information, cognition, alteration of consumer wellness and outlooks, societal invention, convenience, nutrient, security, title, societal event, end product for ingestion in production topographic point, and etc. ” [ 1 ] .

The local trade name of a community is represented by its typical characteristics, shared by the chief bulk of the community. The development of rural touristry in Arieseni small towns is supported by the being of several peculiarly attractive topographic points in which imposts and traditions preserved for many coevalss, ascendant festivals and trades became art and are still alive in the consciousness of local people. Sing this, Arieseni touristry finish trade name can be of course promoted and developed, holding as chief advantages the undeniable genuineness and originality that contribute to the being of a powerful symbol that “ penetrates ” the possible clients ‘ heads and force them to purchase the touristic merchandise.

Besides, the gastronomy specific to the country ( FFRE – nutrient and nutrient related elements ) represents one of the elements that can significantly lend to finish branding through centripetal designation ( Figure 2 ) .

Figure 2 – The function of FFRE in rural finish stigmatization

Beginning: Kalkstein-Silkes C.A. , Food and nutrient related festivals in rural finish stigmatization, 2007

Related to the rural character of the country should be noted that -although services or finishs that the tourers opt for are chosen harmonizing to the prevailing motivational factors, such as: escapade, nature, faith, instruction and so on- , rural touristry requires a different sort of behaviour, an alternate outlook to the predominating one in authoritative touristry.

Among the typical characteristics of Arieseni local trade name, there can be mentioned the milieus of the country, which offers to those who are interested several unprecedented beauties, activities that conveying them back to the tradition particular to this country for centuries and natural phenomenon due to which nature lovers will experience comfy ( since Arieseni is the perfect topographic point for hike, mounting, runing, fishing, out-of-door field day, kayaking, walking and trekking ) .

Besides, another component that decidedly contribute to the procedure of finish stigmatization are the festivals that are organized here twelvemonth by twelvemonth, like aˆzSnow festival ” , for illustration.

To the local trade name edifice contributes, on a big extent, the locals, who are known for their forbearance in fabricating family objects, trade inherited from their ascendants – “ moE›i ” . Therefore, Areiseni wholly soaks of traditions and civilization and spreads everyplace its thaumaturgy, in order to keep the fable of the topographic point alive. It is therefore a certain fact that “ the local communities play a polar function in rural touristry development as their engagement and engagement are critical ” [ 6 ] to the procedure of rural finish stigmatization.

Rural touristry -in the context of rural finish branding process- has to basically lend to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, stand foring a specific sort of responsible touristry, dominated by unity, cooperation and committedness of all those involved.

It is straight related to its alone specificity based on territoriality – fact that highlights the history of the topographic point, the day-to-day life of local people, the particular imposts and traditions ; it besides contribute to the national pride feelings ‘ development and lift our attending to the capitalisation of local, natural and cultural assets. All these promote a better apprehension for the Restoration and protection of the countries where it is chiefly practiced.

Since the chief map of the finish stigmatization is to originate involvement and wonder in possible tourer ‘ heads in order to find them to see that peculiar topographic point, it should be mentioned that Arieseni has several extraordinary resources and picturesque topographic points, hospitable locals, tasty nutrient, moony landscapes and fresh air, and the smilings of nature and athletics lovers make this part a perfect oases of composure and peace that can be perceived as a perfect finish both during summer and winter.

5. How to bring forth tourer flows in ArieE™eni, Alba County

Marked by its alone specificity based on the territoriality ( community, territory, part, micro-region or basin belonging to the rural environment ) that highlights the history of the topographic point, the day-to-day life of local people and the specific imposts and traditions, the rural touristry wants to lend to directing some of import tourer flows to countries where it is practiced.

Sing the current tendency, the future tourer demand can cognize an ascendent tendency because of the tourer installations of which the tourer can profit during his/her stay in Arieseni. Concentrating on foreign visitants, we would wish to advert that the being of adjustment installations with high categorization and the diversified offer of services in a preserved natural environment, unpolluted, will assist to pull tourers from UK or Germany – tourers who are perceived as being more demanding, but besides as being able to pass more than tourers from other states.

Existing of conveyance services ( that would work on a regular basis and which have an increased frequence at least on the chief paths ) intra- and inter- parts would ease tourer traffic and would take to increased tourer outgo, to increased benefits felt by consumers, every bit good as to a better popularisation ( publicity ) of tourer attractive forces.

On one manus, extra services needed to be developed in order to pull tourers refer to leisure activities, organized trips and specific events that promote local civilization and imposts.

On the other manus, singularity of Apuseni mountains attractive forces can take to the visit of any tourers, non merely of those who are passionate by nature. Sing this, it can be taken into history the chance that the visits will be shorter and instead occasioned by some other events. If the mountain touristry or recreational one ( winter athleticss, boosting off-road etc. ) addresses to a wide age class, the escapade one is largely practiced by people under 35 old ages old, particularly with a better and stable fiscal state of affairs ( at least above-average income ) . Housing conditions should reflect this, so accommodation constructions with higher categorization is required ( 3 F/S and 4-5 F/S ) .

Furthermore, it is necessary to supply extra services ( besides the nucleus activities ) that purpose at diversifying and bettering the scope of activities performed. The attractive force of a section of consumers elder than 60 old ages old in active touristry -considering the existent conditions of Rumanian economy- could be achieved by equilibrating the degree of monetary value with the quality of offered services.

Tourism demand in Alba County is peculiarly high for pensions with superior categorization ( 3-5 daisies ) . It has besides been noticed the necessity of set uping bivouacing zones in ArieE™eni. Foreign tourers mentioned on different forums and websites that adjustment services in ArieE™eni are, normally, inferior to accommodation services they are used to. Some tourers besides mentioned the necessity of more stores ( food/non- ) , every bit good as better supply of local handcraft stores.

In the instance of those tourer who are attracted largely of cultural sights is besides recommended adjustment services with higher categorization ; touristic merchandises of the country focus a certain type of tourer attractive forces ( bastioned bastions, wooden churches, vineries ) , fact that implies the being of specialised ushers and other high quality subsidiary services. All of these are valid every bit far as cultural touristry in Alba County ( and in Romania, in general ) is practiced chiefly by foreign tourers. In add-on, many of the historical memorials or archeological sites need to be renovated or to be equipped with particular visitant installations.

For a higher tourer traffic in the ArieAYeni country, we suggest the undermentioned: advancing the country and tourer aims with the aid of a tourer usher, specialisation of adjustment and nutrient service staff, bettering quality/price ratio ; developing route substructure ( the agency of conveyance that reach the country are really few ) , implementing family public-service corporations, information and support sing the entree to structural financess.

Sing the fact that the World Tourism Organization experts say that about no activity in the universe “ needs a more active, clever or aggressive publicity as touristry does ” , we strongly recommend the implementing of a promotional scheme in ArieE™eni touristic country, because the zone is good known to the people go forthing in the nearby towns, but non discovered by the remainder of the state, neither by the aliens. The promotional scheme should asseverate an attractive tourer image of the services that ArieE™eni offers, foregrounding its natural, cultural and historic attractive forces.

In order for the rural touristry in the ArieAYeni country to turn -and therefore this part to go a tourer resort that meets current requirements- we strongly believe that a scheme for touristry development should be implemented [ 2 ] ; this should include superior enhancing of the touristry potency ; the addition of economic and societal efficiency of touristry activity ; the development of all possible signifiers of touristry that can be developed in the small town and in its milieus ; saving and preservation of the environment and rubber-necking.

In order for ArieAYeni to go an equipt cragged country, is needed to unite good handiness for tourers with a strong attraction of natural milieus and adjustment, nutrient and amusement elements [ 2 ] . Issues raised by fiting a tourer country, nevertheless, are much more complex and the attack should be done in a scientific vision, of selling, leting a just correlativity of the touristry merchandise and publicity determinations on both domestic and international touristry market.

In order to cut down the negative impact of the phenomena perceived as nature jeopardies and to guarantee a proper touristry development in conformity with the rules of sustainable development, the creative activity of a wood belt on the mountain sides near to the inclines is proposed, taking at dirt consolidation against slides.

The natural factors of the country, viz. the alleviation, the clime, the nature memorials, represent an outstanding potency for touristic development. Even if the national route DN75 traversing the small town from east to west, along Aries river, separates the Biharia Mts. from Batrana Mts. , in order to let entree from DN75 to Arieseni resort and Arieseni skiing country, hamlets shall be developed in conformity with ordinances in force to guarantee the optimum comfort and safety of the traffic. Roads ( streets ) to be developed will be of 3rd class, with asphalt screen, equipped with ditches, troughs and Bridgess, harmonizing to the status of the dirt. The roads should be 6.00 thousand wide.

Measures to increase the safety mountain touristry merchandise demand to be much more developed – between the waies where betterments would be needed, we mention the arrangement of mountain safeties, increasing efficiency of Rescue services, developing a larger figure of mountain ushers, appropriate sign language and marker of all mountain paths.

There were besides identified several investing chances, like: inns, motels and vacation inns ; providing units ; shopping centres ; carnal farming ; abattoirs, sausage mills and canneries ; woodworking ; hiting box.

6. Decisions

Sing the ferocious competition bing between finishs both nationally every bit good as internationally, is a certain fact that each finish have to seek to readapt on the fly, to alter its image depending on the planetary tendencies. As in political, societal and economic environment, is indispensable to extinguish the pattern of “ signifiers without substance ” .

As rural touristry is a motive for all socio-professional categories- because of the simple life style and the possibility of impermanent return to nature ( the consequence of the tendency of saving ) – , mountain and rural touristry activities in Romania intensifies twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

It is a certain fact that in order to spread out the country of birthplace of both foreign and Rumanian tourers in Arieseni country is needed to put in substructure and in adjustment installations, to develop the existent services and to better them, to supply a better quality with an equal monetary value, to see appropriate steps in order to ease and excite the activity of tourer services suppliers ( fees, revenue enhancements ) , to back up their promotional attempts, to advance and guarantee both environment and consumer protection and to supply preparation for forces that develops its activity in tourer sphere.

In this regard, public governments can lend resolutely to the growing of touristry demand, both for national and foreign tourers.


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