Among the most destructive natural phenomena caused by nature and known to adult male are temblors. Earthquakes are non merely considered as one of the most destructive. but among the most awful. traumatic and violent every bit good. In add-on. temblors are beyond man’s control. They are besides unpredictable. This paper aims to reply the undermentioned inquiries: How do earthquakes happen? What causes temblors? Based on its scientific definition. an temblor is the consequence of a sudden motion of the earth’s crust due to the emphasis released from geologic mistakes or by volcanic activity.

Sometimes it is besides called as earthquake or earthquake ( “Earthquakes” ) . We frequently think that an temblor is simply the shaking of the land based on what we experience and what we see in the intelligence. What we are non truly cognizant of is that an temblor happens everyday. It is reported by the United States Geological Survey that over 3 million temblors occur annually which means every 11 seconds. an temblor takes topographic point. That’s around 8. 000 temblors a twenty-four hours. Most of the clip. the bulk of these temblors are and can non be felt.

What alert us are the stronger temblors that happen in extremely populated countries. In order to find an earthquake’s strength. scientists measure temblor strength by utilizing a seismograph. The information gathered by the graph is so calculated. The unit of mensurating an earthquake’s strength or ‘intensity’ is the Richter graduated table which is in bend used to rate the energy released by the temblor which is known as the magnitude. When an temblor occurs. it continuously produces moving ridges referred as seismal moving ridge. There are several types of seismal moving ridges but the moving ridges responsible in

the first few work stoppages of motion during an temblor are called organic structure moving ridges. These moving ridges frequently travel at the earth’s interior portion ( Harris. 2001 ) . With the aid of the P moving ridges and the S moving ridges. which are the types of organic structure moving ridges. scientists are able to find where an temblor took topographic point. P waves besides known as primary moving ridges can go through different mediums. It can go through solids. liquids and even gases. It travels faster and hit the land foremost. On the other manus the S moving ridges or the secondary moving ridges follows through doing the land besides shake.

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Apparently these moving ridges helps scientist locate an earthquake’s epicenter of location. Through the aid of seismographs. the sum of clip between the P moving ridges and the S moving ridges are so recorded which is called seismogram. this will so find how far off the temblor was from the location. Most of the clip it takes 3 seismographs to turn up the epicentre or the exact way of the temblor which is called triangulation ( Wald. 2008 ) . During early times. natural causes were accounted with the choler of the Gods that were displeased with adult males action.

Today. natural catastrophes are no longer accounted to ancient Gods any longer. Alternatively. adult male explains such happenings based on modern scientific discipline. There are many causes of temblors. These can be attributed to volcanic eruptions or even detonations created by worlds but the most frequent possible cause of this is the seismal home base motion. The home base tectonic theory provinces that the surface bed of the Earth called lithosphere is comprised of different home bases. Through the coming of the home base tectonic theory. different phenomena and facts that were once unknown were eventually understood.

Facts such as the motion of the continents and volcanic activities were merely among the few facts that plate tectonics had unveiled. Since home bases tend to skid on the part below the geosphere. any of the three different things can go on at the boundaries between these immense home bases: ( 1 ) the home bases can travel apart- whenever this occurs. hot. run stone called magma. flows up. Magma will so look on the surface. an activity that largely happens on the ocean floor turning it into lava which in bend cools down and fills the spreads when it hardens.

The country where this occurs is called the divergent home base boundary. ( 2 ) The home bases can force together- an happening where in one home base is pushed under the other one which is called subduction. When the home base is so pushed beneath. it melts down in the lower mantle beds. Although home bases have the inclination to subduct with one another there are certain boundaries wherein neither of these two home bases would be able to make so therefore. the inclination of each home base is to force one another and signifier mountains. The convergent home base boundaries are an country where home bases are more like to force against each other.

The home bases would skid against each other- when this happens the home bases are so pushed tightly together constructing a great tenseness in the transform boundary ( Harris. 2001 ) . We all know that temblors may happen anyplace and anytime but there are certain countries that are near adequate where frequent actions of tremblors take topographic point. The ring of fire is a zone where frequent temblors every bit good as volcanic eruptions occur. It is said that about 90 % of temblors in the universe is experienced in this country.

States like the United States. Indonesia. Canada. Brazil. Colombia and Chile are some of the countries that are prone to tremblors ( Crystal. 2008 ) . An temblor brings fright and desolation is dismaying. Furthermore. the inability to foretell an temblor makes it even more fearful. Though scientists are still looking for ways to minimise the annihilating effects of an temblor. cognition and the understanding temblors are man’s best defense mechanism. Earthquakes instruction serves as the best protection and the hopes and uninterrupted researches provides more security and helps in desolation bar.

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