It is the only crop that provides an inexpensive and high quality source of protein for both livestock and human populations as compared to meat, poultry and eggs making it more valuable in Zanzibar. Due to increased uses of soybean and its by-products in recent years, the demand for crop has also increased in Zanzibar. This paper will analyze the determinants of soybean output, employing variables such as capital available, area planted, household size and composition, experience, land size, family headship, type of labor hired, fertilizer amount and seed.

Significance of the Study This study was motivated by the rise in the demand for soybean and its by-products. Many experts abroad researched on the production ability of soybean with different angles and methods but there seem to be little information to the researcher’s knowledge of previous researches relating to soybean output in Zanzibar. Thus this search intends to look at factors that determine soybean output with reference to Zanzibar.

The researcher hopes that the study will benefit the soybean farmers, farmers’ unions and policy makers in planning and also add value in providing better ways and methods of ensuring enough soybeans for national consumption. The research will use an ordinary least squares model in this research and make use of primary data to investigate determinants of Soya bean output. Determinant of Job Satisfaction By despair


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