This assignment concentrates on the development of new spirits Yakult in the UK market. As a probiotic drink. Yakult is well-recognised by consumers. However. when viing with rivals. such as Actimel and Vitality. the failing of the company is that the merchandise line is comparatively weak. After carefully testing the new merchandise thoughts. fruit flavours Yakult can be the most profitable merchandise to develop. The new merchandise non merely can better digestive system. but can besides better the vitamins intake because the fruit component. In add-on. the Yakult lady system. which is free bringing service. can be developed to better trade name repute and communicate with consumer straight. The new Yakult should be positioned as a tasty health-enhancing drink. which can pull more possible consumers. and increase gross revenues volumes. In add-on. the mark consumers are adult female between 25-49 old ages old. who pay more attending wellness diet and besides are the chief household shoppers. Market proving is an of import measure for new merchandise development ; the drink can be sold in certain metropoliss before full launching to roll up consumers’ sentiments. The best launching clip is summer. and the company should pay more attending to publicity and advertisement.

1. Introduction
The functional drink market is turning quickly in recent old ages. More and more companies try to present new sort of merchandise to enlarge market portion. Yakult. which is the first maker to sell probiotic drink. face ferocious competition in the UK market. This study will focuson the new merchandise development for Yakult. After taking the most profitable thought. the new merchandise properties and placement will be analysed. Then. the concern analysis of new merchandise can be implemented. including rival analysis and gross revenues anticipation.

2. Idea coevals and showing
New merchandise development is an invention activity to convey the new merchandises to the market. Furthermore. thought coevals and thought testing arethe cardinal rock of the new merchandise development procedure ( Ulrich and Eppinger. 2008 ) . 2. 1 Idea coevals

Idea coevals is a uninterrupted systematic hunt for new merchandise chances whichinvolves generatingsources of new thoughts and methods ( Brooke and Mills. 2003 ) . Ideas for new merchandises can be obtained from basic research by understanding consumer tendencies and analyzingcompetitors.

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Yakult dominated the functional drinkmarket for the first few old ages. but other similar trade names are coming up fast frombehind. Huge disbursement and more aggressive and more consumer-oriented rivals ( e. g. Actimel from Danone and Vitality from Muller ) havepushed Yakult into thethird topographic point. Harmonizing to figures from market research company Euromonitor. Actimel took 40 % in 2005 ; Muller took 14. 5 % and Yakult 10 % of the value ofthe UK functional drinkmarket ( Marketing. 2010 ) . Yakult comes in one-flavour and one-size bottles every bit good as in one coloring material. However. different trade names of functional drink haveunique packaging and multiple gustatory sensations picks. which is more flexible to consumers. Today. consumers are more concerned withfruit flavourhealth drinks. which can convey more Vitamins to the organic structure. Consequently. taking all these facets into history. the ideaof bring forthing anew productto expend merchandise line is necessary for Yakult’sfuture development.

2. 2 Idea showing
The object of thought showing is to extinguish unsuitable. hapless. unattractive thoughts. and those thoughts are weeded out from the future actions ( Robert. 1993 ) . The checklist can be used to measure possible thoughts ; the new-product properties are considered most of import and each thought is compared with those properties based on these standards. For Yakult. this is non a wholly new country ; the functional drink has been developed for more than 10 old ages ( Yakult. 2010 ) . Therefore. being more successful than other bing rivals is the ground behind developing the new merchandise. There are two thoughts which need to be screened.

The first 1 is to alter the spirit of the merchandise by adding different fruit gustatory sensations. The 2nd 1 is to alter the merchandise packaging. more specifically. to do a bigbottle. Confronting the rapid market growing and strong competitory force per unit area. both these alterations can better the strength of the company. and suit its long term development. However. fiscal demands – such as excess fabrication cost. publicity disbursement and many other sectors – can be a hazard that should be consider. The of import ground why the big bottle can non be developed is the clip restraint. Harmonizing to the experts. the probiotic will vanish if consumers can non imbibe all the bottle of Yakult ( Yakult. 2011 ) . Furthermore. large bottles may necessitate the company to buy new packaging machines. which will be more than developing new spirits. Therefore. new spirits may be more profitable and less hazardous for the company.

3. Merchandise properties and service
Table 1 Features and Benefits of the New Yakult
Features| Benefits|
Probiotic drink| Health. digestive product|
Fruity flavours| Natural. tasty|
Delivery service| Convenience. direct communication|
Alan Jelly. Yakult’s UK selling manager said: ” Probiotics allowed consumers to take simple. positive stairss each twenty-four hours to bettering their overall wellness. and specifically their digestive health” ( Aroq. 2009 ) . Because of the combination with Probiotics and Vitamins. the new merchandise non merely contributes to people digestive system. which is the basic map of the drink. but can besides better the overall wellness in different facets. By bettering the digestive system to construct a good metamorphosis map of the organic structure that can do people seems more beautiful. Along with plentifulness of Vitamins in the fruit to keep the healthy tegument and silk hair ; it is a really aroused benefit to adult females who care about visual aspects. Another characteristic is to contend with disease. avoid future unwellness. and hike physical and mental strength. people who drink the merchandise every twenty-four hours for the long term ; it will demo the important positives effects on the organic structure wellness. The different demands can be satisfied by the one bottle of Yakult. which is the expected merchandise in consumers’ head. harmonizing to the entire merchandise construct ( Figure 1 ) .

( Beginning: Masterson and Pickton. 2010 )
Figure 1: The Entire Product Concept
In add-on. the company can offer more convenient service to consumers. The Yakult lady system. which is a door-to-door bringing service. is the chief distribution channel in Japan ( Yakult. 2011 ) . This service make the maker communicate with consumers straight and profoundly. Therefore. this service should be introduced into the UK market. To sum up. through updating the merchandise and supplying nice service. the merchandise can offer healthy life style and convenience at the same clip. The new merchandise and new service will do the trade name better merchandise degree to augmented merchandise ( value-added merchandise ) . which means more client trueness and better repute.

4. Target Market
Philip Kotler defined the mark market is the portion of the qualified available market that the company decides to prosecute ( Kotler. et Al. 2009 ) . The consideration of the senior consumer group which have unwellnesss associated with digestive system. The age over 65-year-old demographic is being progressively targeted by the functional drinks. In add-on. younger consumers are besides buying functional drink more often than earlier. Functional drink is purchased to better energy degrees and to assist back up the body’s immune system. New merchandise with excess fruit nutrition may suit their demands suitably.

Finally. kid is besides a possible group of consumer for this merchandise. Children ever like fruit flavour drinks. so that the new Yakult can pull their attending. Furthermore. the probiotics and Vitamins can advance children’s growing with a strong fundamental law. Therefore. Yakult is a merchandise for everybody. However. the chief mark consumers that promotion dressed ores on are adult female between 25 and 49 old ages old. These group adult females pay more attending to wellness diet. They care more about visual aspect and organic structure form. Harmonizing to the research. about 25 % female purchase nutrient or drink with wellness benefits on a regular basis ( Mintel. 2011 ) . Healthy and tasty Yakult will be more attractive for them. More significantly. this group of adult females is the major family shopper for household. Their shopping can cover these aim consumer mentioned above. Therefore. household construct should be involved into the new product’ packaging and selling procedure.

( Beginning: Mintel. 2011 )
Figure 2: Tendencies in purchase of nutrient and drink with added benefits

5. Concept Testing
Concept proving nowadayss the consumer with the proposed merchandise and steps attitudes and purposes at this early phase of development ( Kahn. 2006 ) . Concept testing is a speedy and cheap manner of mensurating consumer enthusiasm. Therefore. the new Yakult will inquire a sample of possible clients what they think of the thought and the merchandise. The company will fix some questionnaires to look into whether the consumers will accept the fruit spirit Yakult construct or non. The questionnaire should include some inquiries about the consumers’ penchants and the rating of the merchandise or other consumer outlooks and suggestions. Yakult has been set uping the strong research organisation which is to back up the engineering of planing and fabricating the merchandise rapidly and safely ( Yakult. 2010 ) . Finally. after garnering the information. the company will be able to better the merchandise due to the analysis of the above information. The company will do a clear and complex market scheme for the new merchandise in relation to the consequence of the construct testing.

6. Business Analysis

( Beginning: Trott. 2008 )
Figure3: The Ansoff Matrix
Successful companies treat NPD as a necessary scheme to do more net incomes. The Ansoff matrix identifies the new merchandise development options based on two variables: market chance and merchandise chance. Each new merchandise development can be seen as one of the four types. The new merchandise of Yakult belongs to the merchandise development scheme. The fruity spirit can be a trade name extension of the original merchandise. Yakult is a worldwide celebrated trade name. Establishing the new merchandise under the trade name name non merely can pull more new consumers and do more net incomes. but can besides cut down the hazard of presenting a bran-new merchandise. The success of new merchandise development extremely relies on the combination between the external environment and the company’s internal development. Therefore. placing concern chances and menaces in the market place and corroborating the firm’s strengths and failings can be the indispensable stairss to make concern. as shown in the SWOT analysis below. Table 2 SWOT Analysis of Yakult

Strengths * Healthy: probiotic merchandise * Long history: since 1966 * Good quality * Global company: Europe. Asia. America * Focused on R & A ; D operation| Weaknesses * More expensive than the same sort of merchandise * Low assortment of flavour * Easy packing| Opportunities * Health jobs: malignant neoplastic disease * Concern with the diet of kids * Quick development of functional drink market| Threats * Many rivals: Muller. DANONE * More different sorts of drinks to choose| ( Adapted from: Palmer. 2009 ) Harmonizing to the analysis. one of the major failings is the low assortment of spirit. In the UK market. the company merely sell two types of Yakult—original and visible radiation. However. other trade names have many different merchandise flavoursand update their merchandises continually. Therefore. presenting the new merchandise can be the best manner to spread out its market and assist the company compete with other rivals.

7. Merchandise Positioning
Merchandise placement is the product’s image and individuality in mark consumers’minds and the perceptual experience of consumers playing an indispensable function in the purchasing determination ( Ferrell and Hartline. 2010 ) . Therefore. sellers need to cognize how clients think about the merchandise in the market. As a probiotics drink. Yakult is positioned as a health-enhancing drink. The company ever present the construct that the merchandise can assist better the digestive system and good bacteriums are good tofor the organic structure wellness. The scheme was successful during the early phase of the merchandise development. However. because more and more rivals start to copy the best-selling drink and better it. Yakult’s positioning seems less attractive than other similar sorts of merchandises. The job is that the positioning merely concentrates on the scientific discipline involved in the merchandise. non its gustatory sensation. This job and its higher monetary value may make distance between consumers and the trade name. Hence. the placement of the new merchandise should reenforce the expertness construct of the merchandise ; furthermore. the better and more varied gustatory sensations besides should be emphasised to consumers. Less

Low quality ( low wellness map )
High quality ( high wellness map )




New Yakult

Figure 4: Merchandise Positioning of Yakult
“Positioning issues are particularly of import when rivals in a market look to be really similar” ( Perreault and McCarthy. 2006 ) . As the innovator of probiotics drinks. the high merchandise quality is good recognised by consumers. The mark of the new placement is to better the image of Yakult from a health-enhancing drink to a tasty health-enhancing drink. Therefore. its high quality and good spirits will do the merchandise overstep other trade names. to go the best pick in consumers’ heads. 7. 1 Branding

A successful trade name gives the merchandise a specific image. and differentiates it from other rivals. Abrand-distinguishing scheme can exemplify merchandise properties and maps clearly and assist the company accomplish ideal market positioning in consumers’ heads. Yakult already has a typical trade name name. which is well-recognised in more than 30 states of the universe. Therefore. the basic component of the logo should be kept. In add-on. the properties of the new merchandise should be added to the name ; the new Yakult can be called “Yakult plus” ( Figure 5 ) . It means the new merchandise can offer more benefits than the original merchandise. As respects its ocular individuality. the particular form of Yakult can non be changed because it is already typical. The coloring material of the Yakult bottle should be associated with the fruitscolour since certain colorss may remind consumers of the certain gustatory sensation of a fruit ( e. g. visible radiation red for strawberry spirit. light yellow for orange spirit ) . This stigmatization scheme is a sort of extension of the original trade name. keeping the advantages of the basic merchandise and foregrounding the new characteristics at the same clip.


Figure5: The designed Logo for New Product

8. Merchandise tantrum
The new merchandise development can assist Yakult achieveits mission. which is to convey wellness and felicity to people around the universe throughthe benefits brought by research excellence in life scientific disciplines ( Yakult. non dated ) . The advanced engineering in microorganisms improves human wellness. and if the new merchandise can be introduced successfully. consumers will experience more satisfied. More significantly. it besides can convey important benefits to the company itself. First. the new merchandise will pull new consumers who did non like the gustatory sensation of Yakult before. which will gain excess benefits. Second. competitory advantage will be enhanced through the assortment of merchandises. Comparing with its rivals. Yakult has a longer history in the functional drink industry. and its first-class quality and repute make it the innovator in this industry. The new merchandise will excite gross revenues and increase market portion continually.

9. Rival analysis and comparing
In the United Kingdom. the functional drink market is dominated by some transnational diary operators. including Danone. Muller. Nestle and Yakult. Except Yakult. all the trade names have occupied the taking place in the yogurt and yogurt drink market. which means they already have good repute and trueness among consumers. Furthermore. they besides own strong fiscal power and utilize a mature supply concatenation. These great advantages help them come in the probiotic merchandise market rapidly and easy. This is the chief ground why Yakult continually loses market portion in the UK market every bit good. Yakult lies in the 3rd place in the top of probiotic drink trade names. following Actimel of Danone and Vitality of Muller ( Jonathan. 2009 ) . As the figure shows. the gross revenues value of Yakult decreased by over 3 % between 2008 and 2010. andActimel keeps the increasing tendency and control over half of the UK market ( Mintel. 2011 ) .

Table 3: Three trade names in the UK retail value gross revenues of imbibing yoghurts. 2008-2010 | 2008?m| 2009?m| 2010?m| Change ( % ) |
Actimel ( Danone ) | 110| 116| 112| 1. 7|
Vitality ( Muller ) | 34| 31| 25| -30. 9|
Yakult| 26| 24| 23| -3. 2|
( Beginning: Mintel 2011 ) In add-on. it is of import to detect that makers pay more attending to scientific research. seeking to establish new types of merchandises to better their competitory advantage. Actimel have more than 10 different spirits. and offer low-fat and nonfat yogurt types. Assorted spirits and merchandises are besides provided by Vitality of Muller. including probiotic drinks and probiotic yogurt. Comparing with the two taking trade names. the merchandise line of Yakult is comparatively weak. It can non run into different demands of consumers. which restricts the company to enlarge its mark consumers. Therefore. the new merchandise development is necessary because of the great force per unit area from rivals and consumers. 9. 1 The Failure of Nestle—-LC1 Go!

Nestle is supposed to be a prima company in this market ; nevertheless. its probiotic product—LC1 Go! . withdrew from the market less than 3 old ages ago. The direct ground is that its gross revenues are still hapless after 2 million lbs has been spent on Television advertisement. Strong competitory force per unit areas canbe another account for the merchandise failure. Furthermore. the deep grounds for this failure should be analysed. The immense sum of investing in research and publicity has led to an expensive retail monetary value and an overemphasis on the product’s clinical maps. disregarding that the gustatory sensation is non so good ( Anon. . 2003 ) . In the terminal. the merchandise is abandoned by consumers. This experience should be noticed by Yakult and the balance between positioning as a tasty drink and as a healthfunctional drink should be considered carefully. 10. Commercialization

When the new merchandise launched in the market. the external competitory environment becomes a major factors affect its development. Therefore. the company is necessary to do anefficient market scheme to derive more competitory advantages ( Rafinejad. 2007 ) . 10. 1 Market Testing

Yakult will be utilizing the focal point group to interview the clients or present the new merchandise at a trade show. It can alsoplace the merchandise for sale in a specific country. for illustration. Yakult can sell its new merchandise in major metropoliss before full launch. such as London or Birmingham. to roll up consumers’ sentiment and detect the market reaction. Furthermore. the public presentation of the proposed selling programs and the existent consumer behavior will be observed as these gives the company experience inmarketing the merchandise before traveling to the great disbursal of full debut. After the testing. the company is ready to put the merchandise into the mark market. 10. 2 Lunching Time

The timing is a cardinal issue for a company to present a new merchandise. The clip should see the current market environment. consumer tendency. company operation and many sectors to do the determination comprehensively. During these old ages. Yakult sing gross revenues diminution in the UK because of rivals force per unit areas. Thecompany needs a new merchandise to excite gross revenues and promote its market. Therefore. the current market status can be a right clip for it. For specific clip. since summer is fruit season and consumers are more willing to take fruit component during this season. Therefore. summer can be the best clip establishing Yakult plus based on consumers’ perceptual experience. 10. 3 Promotion

The selling scheme of the new merchandise should chiefly concentrate on publicity. in order to maintain the current consumers and pull more new consumers. It means the company should put more money to publicizing continually. The purpose is chiefly to make public consciousness and develop involvement about the new Yakult ; furthermore. the content of advertizements should foreground the updated feature—fruit spirits. New consumers who do non like the gustatory sensation of original gustatory sensation may be attracted by the new merchandising point. It is indispensable to demo the construct that Yakult plus is updating merchandise of original merchandise. Then consumer’s perceptual experience will be that heath drink Yakult is going tasty now. which will promote them to purchase. In add-on. different types of advertizements may be effectual manner. Such as coach ads or interesting postings. The most efficient manner to advance is consumer recommendation ; hence. activities like free attempt or purchase one get one free should be organised. It can develop new consumers’ involvement to seek. which means the chance of recommendation to other and repeat purchasing will be improved. The distribution channel of the company is already mature. and can be used to the new merchandise. Yakult lady system that mentioned above can be a good manner to heighten communicating with consumers. It besides can better repute of the company. 10. 4 Price and Predicted gross revenues

The monetary value of the new Yakult should maintain the same degree. which is 2. 8 lbs for six small bottles. and so the monetary value of each bottle is 42 pennies. The net income of each one may be 30 pennies. In 2011. 226 1000s of bottle Yakult were sold each twenty-four hours in the United Kingdom ( Yakult. 2011 ) . The new merchandise is expected to promote the gross revenues volume over 400 1000s of bottles per twenty-four hours. For the item gross revenues prognosis. the A-T-A-R theoretical account will be implemented. Almost 50 % of the UK‘s people purchase functional drinks. so the purchasing units will be 31109381 ( the half of the UK’s population ) . In add-on. the per centum of cognizant consumer is 80 % . and so the available consumers of them account for 50 % . 30 % of available consumers will existent purchase ; one in five of them will hold repeated purchasing. Harmonizing to these predicted figure. gross revenues can be predicted. 31109381 Number of functional drink consumers

x 80 % Percent consciousness of the new Yakult
x 50 % Percentage of “aware” consumers who will seek merchandise x 30 % Percent handiness at retail merchants
x 20 % Percentage of consumers who will hold repetition purchasing x 300number of units repeaters buy in a twelvemonth
= 150000000 bottles
Profit= 150000000 ten 0. 3=?45 million
In decision. the gross revenues will make 416 bottles per twenty-four hours. and the twelvemonth net income will accomplish ?4. 5 million if the new merchandise introduce into the market successfully. 11. Resource Requirements

The most of import resource is development investing. The whole procedure of NPD needs strong fiscal support. particularly on research procedure and publicity activities. Avariety of advertisement may be the company several million lbs. The indispensable resource the company needs for the new merchandise is people who have expertise in fruit flavoured drinks. The formula of the fruity Yakult needs a certain balance between fruit juice and Yakult. to do certain that its gustatory sensation is better and its whole nutritionary value is kept. As a consequence. fruit juice will be added to the production procedure. Mature companies have their ain production line to bring forth fresh juice or concentrated juice. such as Muller. Since fruit spirits of Yakult isare still in the early development phase. and the company may non be certain about the consumers’ reaction about the new merchandise. Yakult can buy ingredients from other providers that have good quality ingredients and repute.

12. Potential job countries
The first potency job is the new ingredient may act upon the shelf life of the new Yakult. The company needs to use engineerings to do certain that the best period can non be short. Furthermore. since the probiotic is core characteristic consumers buy it. the fruit juice can non hold negative consequence on the map of Yakult. These jobs should be solved during the R & A ; D country. Recently. the European Food Safety Authority ( EFSA ) rejects the wellness claims that Yakult advance on its advertizements. and the similar rejection besides happened to Muller and Danone. As a consequence. the company can non exemplify the medical map in advertizements and other publicity activities straight. Therefore. how to increase consumer consciousness about Yakult may be a hard job the company should see.

13. Decision
In decision. the scheme of presenting the new merchandise should concentrate on consumers’ demands. Yakult face hard period in the probiotic drink market and establishing the fruit-flavoured Yakult can be the best manner to heighten competitory advantage. The most of import mark of the new merchandise is to better the image in consumers’ head. stating consumers that Yakult can convey both wellness and felicity. Furthermore. the new merchandise can convey more new consumers to the company. and excite the gross revenues volume significantly.


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