These books should have happens in them and should be at least 100 pages long. Feel free to delve into some adolescent literature like Charlotte Web, Tom Sawyer, or Little Women. Ms. Daniel reserves the right to mock anyone who chooses to read Twilight on purpose. For the sixth title, incoming AAA students are being asked to read George Rowel’s Animal Farm. In addition to simply reading the text, all students will be expected to keep a dialectical journal. Dialectical journals are a type of double-entry note-taking that students can use while reading literature.

In the two columns students write notes that dialogue with one another, thereby developing critical reading and reflective questioning. Notebook Page 1: Keep track of the books you read this summer. Remember, the goal is six. If you start a book but do not finish it, you may include it in your list. Page 2: Before you start reading, please complete and glue in the Anticipation Guide to your Dialectical Journal Page 3: Before you start reading, spend 5 minutes brainstorming questions on the term “Power. ” Write as many questions as you can think of.

Don’t worry about the questions you come up with, whether thieve “right” or “good enough. ” f you can, work with another, AAA student, feel free. Do not try to fix your questions. Do not judge your questions. Do not answer your questions. Page 3 and beyond: Dialectical Journal for Animal Farm. Dialectical journals are created in a spiral-bound notebook by folding a piece of paper length-wise and labeling the top of each column: Quotes (with page numbers) Notes Pick a total of 15 passages (yeah, we know the how-to says 20) from the entire kook (in general: 5 from the beginning, 5 from the middle, and 5 from the end).

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These passages can be chunks of text that you find important, interesting, well- written (strong words, strong description, strong message), and/or confusing (and thereby worthy of a discussion). Copy the passage onto the left-hand column (“Quotes”) and include the page number! On the right-hand side, briefly explain why you picked this passage. You can ask questions, make connections to other pieces of literature you’ve read, make connections to your own life, or ell why you liked the way it was written.

A few notes: Use a 100-page notebook; starting in August, it will become your First Semester Notebook Please do not use a black & white composition notebook since those are too small & too short Approximately 150 words per response. Extend your comments to fill the page Dialectical Journals are always handwritten never typed. Use both sides of the page. At the start of school, students will be participating in a variety of activities? including class discussions and Socratic Seminars?culminating in an in-class say.

In order to be successful on these assignments, it is expected that you come to class having read the entire book. Animal Farm was first published in 1945, so this book should be readily available at any public library. Copies would also be available through on-line and brick & mortar retailers. If you have any questions on the assignment, please do not hesitate to contact either of the EIA teachers. Please remember, we are on summer vacation too, so we might not get to your email right away. Have a great summer. Sincerely, Ms. Ross ([email protected] Org)


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