An enterpriser is determined by a “ individual who organizes and manages any endeavor, particularly a concern which is normally with important enterprise and hazard. “ ( ) An enterpriser could be classified as one of the most challenging and at the same clip the most elusive characters in the dramatis personae that constitutes the topic of economic analysis. Personalities of successful enterprisers are by and large ambitious, goaded leaders with a determined attitude, and a acute oculus toward relieving hazard and a passion for find and invention.

These enterprisers see themselves as frontrunners where they prosecute opportunities by apologizing resources required to run into the new markets and prosecute the inevitable competition. The power of a individual leader can be profound, and nowhere is this more true and relevant than in entrepreneurship. In my sentiment, possibly what is most exciting about entrepreneurial leaders is their ability to alarm their actions holding fuelled a world-wide revolution that continues to specify and determine our societal, economic and environmental frontiers.

Executive Summary

Taking on the right concern chance based on your personality as an enterpriser is important in doing your concern receptive and gratifying towards the targeted groups of people the concern is focused at. There is an acute demand for the possible enterpriser to understand his personality and behavior wise to see whether it consents with what the society sees as a necessity and demand in.

Today, entrepreneurship has evolved beyond the authoritative start-up impression to include their personality and behaviour wise of all types, in all phases to their concerns. Entrepreneurial leaders inject imaginativeness, motive, committedness, passion, doggedness and vision into their concern. ( Mcgraw-Hill, 2009 ) Successful enterpriser are interpersonally able to back up and nurture others from their composing and work moralss. Besides, they would be capable in pull offing and beguiling miscellaneous boundaries and challenges directed towards them in the most competent and efficient manner possible.

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Table of Contentss

Identifying Personality Type

Most people underestimate the importance of holding a pleasing personality. Majority think it merely means being born good-looking, that there is n’t anything much to make about it. But this is far from the truth. While good training and looks is portion of it, the range of personality development in a concern is instead extended. It includes cognizing how to dress good, societal graces, preparing, address and interpersonal accomplishments. Whatever the calling way or concern, these are critical accomplishments that will advance your aims for a better and successful hereafter in front. ( Mcgraw Hill, 2009 )

The personality type best described myself is based on a ‘Performer ‘ personality. The definition of a ‘Performer ‘ personality means that a individual ‘s primary manner of life is focused externally, where it ‘s about taking things in via the five senses in a actual, concrete manner.

A performing artist is normally person that enhances life in a universe of people possibilities. They tend to love people and new experiences. They are lively and merriment, and bask being the Centre of attending. They develop really strong inter-personal accomplishments, and may happen themselves in the function of the conciliator often. Since they make determinations by utilizing their personal values, they are normally really sympathetic and concerned for other people ‘s wellbeing.

A performing artist is decidedly a self-generated, optimistic person. They love to hold fun. They are invariably cheerful and enthusiastic, and truly like about everybody. A really well-developed grasp for aesthetic beauty, they encompass an first-class sense of infinite and map. In general, performing artists take great pleasance in objects of aesthetic beauty. They ‘re likely to hold a strong grasp for the finer things in life, such as good nutrient and good vino.

However, the downside of a performer personality is that is when under a great trade of emphasis, he/she get overwhelmed with negatives ideas and possibilities. As an optimistic person who lives in the universe of possibilities, negative possibilities do non sit good with them. In an attempt to battle these ideas, they ‘re likely to come up with simple, planetary statements to explicate away the job. These simplistic accounts may or may non truly acquire to the nature of the issue, but they serve the performing artist good by leting them to acquire over it.

Business Proposal Plan

Before a individual theoretical account of entrepreneurship is to be in topographic point, it is necessary for the draw a bead oning enterpriser to endeavor to strike a balance between how they are traveling to pull off their concern and besides how they are traveling to take their concern for a long-run success. Below is the organisational chart to strike a balance between Management quality and Leadership quality for an draw a bead oning ‘Performer ‘ personality.



Making an Agenda

Planing and Budgeting-by set uping elaborate stairss and timetables

Establishing direction-by developing a vision for the hereafter and schemes for alterations


Regulating and job solving-by detecting consequences and tendencies, besides placing unconventionality

Motivating and inspiring-by stimulating people to get the better of bureaucratic, get the better ofing political barriers


Producing a grade of predictability and order

Making alteration, frequently to a dramatic grade

Based on the personality type considered in the earlier determination, there is a demand for a elaborate and comprehensive consideration into the type of concern proposal program that would be suited to kick off for a long-run investing. Based on the personality discussed earlier, the concern for being sympathetic for other people ‘s wellbeing is to be a precedence when puting off a concern in head.

Committedness and Determination

Committedness and finding are seen as one of the most of import factors for a concern start-up to work with respects to direction quality. With committedness and finding, an enterpriser can get the better of unbelievable obstructions and besides compensate tremendously for other failings. There is a demand to be retentive and decisive, intensely competitory in accomplishing ends, persistent in work outing jobs and really good disciplined.

Opportunity Obsession

Successful enterprisers are easy obsessed with first chances. This outlook strikes as endearing, demoing their hungriness for success at every chance nowadays within their range.

This does non take into consideration the entreaty of money, resources, networking or even visual aspects. Entrepreneurs in their very best, invariably believing of new thoughts for concern by watching tendencies, descrying forms to model a alone endeavor at every corner of chance made available to them.

Factors impacting Business Plan

Taking into history the personality of a ‘Performer ‘ , I would see bring forthing a concern program for Beauty merchandises in the market. The market conditions for beauty line as of now, is get downing to turn but at a soft gait as compared to the market for Information Technology ( IT ) . Hence, taking the market type for beauty line, there would be a higher possible concern to manufacture these merchandises to run into the demands of clients and provide high value added or value credited benefits to the clients. The niche for the beauty line would be directed towards the working grownups who are looking for fast, effectual and nomadic beauty merchandises on the spell.

Strengths of Business Plan

Taking into consideration the purpose of making a high value added merchandise line for the consumers of today, these are the possible strengths of the concern that could be derived:

Lending to the society

The Beauty scene is a market where consumers are invariably approachable and receptive to the merchandises. In this instance, this constantly means the merchandise would be able to hold a uninterrupted growing rate although there are competitions in the industry. The personality of a performing artist would take into consideration of being sympathetic towards the society and giving back. Hence, this merchandise line should be focused along with the chief personality of the enterpriser which is to understand the demands of others in the community or the metropolis as a whole. By concentrating on the targeted group for working grownups, these beauty merchandises would be able to reciprocate positive feedbacks and support from consumers in Singapore as most Singaporeans tend to be ‘workaholic ‘ and therefore do non hold trim clip to rejuvenate and take attention of their tegument and wellness. Hence, with the launch of this merchandise line, it could be desirable for every working grownup to better and heighten their well-being on-the-go and contribute greatly to the wellbeing of fellow Singaporeans.


Weakness of Business Plan

One of the possible failings of such a concern program to be implemented in Singapore ‘s society would be risk tolerance of such a launch of merchandises in the industry. Some successful enterprisers take deliberate hazards or avoid hazards they do non necessitate to take. In this instance, the hazard of such a launch would be in the production site where merchandises would necessitate to be environmental friendly and free from carnal proving. As such, the cost construction for such merchandises would be comparatively higher as compared to others, and it would besides take a longer sum of clip to bring forth one merchandise as proving procedure may take an extended sum of clip to be approved and be sold to the market. The cost incurred on the enterpriser here would hold to be taken into consideration sing that the merchandise would hold to be sold at a comparatively higher monetary value and besides the consideration of covering the cost incurred. The issue here if non resolved could impede future success and concern enlargement in the market.

Case Study: Burt ‘s Bees

“ The biggest concerns have revolutionized civilisation, changed the manner we live. That ‘s my aspiration: to alter the universe for the better through my company. ” ( Quimby, n.d )

Burt ‘s Bees is an “ Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company. ” ( Burt Bees, 2012 ) The company are good known in bring forthing natural, Earth-friendly personal attention merchandises that were prepared to heighten the wellbeing of every person of course without the usage of chemicals.

Burt Bees merchandises are of high criterions, guaranting ‘The Greater Good ‘ , where these merchandises are providentially formulated utilizing lone ingredients that are the best nature has to offer: beeswax, botanical and indispensable oils, herbs, flowers and minerals.

During the old ages, Burt Bees gross revenues in the market have been increasing deeply where they were able to earn positive support from consumers all around the universe. The tegument attention and bath merchandises had developed into a major market niche over the old ages. Quoting from Euromonitor statistics, it is said that “ based on the quickly altering life styles and turning image consciousness, the community are expected to pass more on training. There is likeliness to demand more niche merchandises which target their specific demands, such as anti-ageing ” . ( Euromonitor, 2012 )

As of to day of the month, Burt Bees is accounted to be deserving over $ 25 million in gross revenues and has become one of the longest and richest natural beauty attention merchandise in the history..


This paper identified the type of concern an enterpriser of a certain personality would accommodate and take on sing the positive and negative impacts of the concern market. There are several successful enterprisers stressing that while others have inaugural, determined to persist, resilient and are able to accommodate, it is non merely a affair of personality. It is what they do that matters most.


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