There are many natural calamities like Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Cyclones, Super cyclones, Landslides, Thunderstorms, etc. The tsunami, which is defined as an earthquake in ocean, killed many people from different countries irrespective of geographical boundaries, religious differences, sex differences, age variations, and irrespective of many such variations. Is God angry with the people who were enjoying on the marina beach in Chennai or elsewhere on that day? But according to mythological texts, God forgives/protects even the greatest sinners.

There were many reports of earthquakes killing people from different parts of the world. Similarly a super cyclone in Orissa killed many people a few years back. When natural calamities occur, many people blame fate/God due to ignorance. But at the same time Science could not predict Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc. It can only explain natural calamities. For example Plate Tectonics theory says Earthquakes occur at the plate boundaries. According to this theory, the earth is divided into 7 major plates and many minor plates. These plates move at a rate of 1cm/year.

These movements cause Earthquakes, Volcanoes, etc. Thus Science explains many natural calamities and some can even be predicted by using science, for example the prediction of Cyclones, Landslides, etc. Science even advocates us the precautions to be taken. If a student wants to succeed in an examination, he/she should work hard, i. e. , prepare the examination in a planned/scientific way instead of leaving everything to God( some students pray to God for a pass in the examination), or being superstitious by under estimating himself/herself.

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