tested with subsequent primary research. Yiridoe et al.footnoteRef:1, have found that consumers may choose organic food if they believe it to be safer, an issue associated with knowledge, or lack of knowledge, and stereotyping. Therefore, if assessing attitudes and intention to purchase organic food, these outcomes will be the dependent variables and influences that impact on those will be the independent variables. These may be used to frame the questions. The questions will guide the research process (Bryman & Bell, 2011). The following research questions are recommended. These breakdown the research topic different sub categories which may be assed with primary research. 1: Taken from the literature review, but not cited in the bibliography on that paper

1. Do most consumers understand what is meant by the term organic, and does education impact on this?

2. How does the understanding of organic foods impact on the purchase decision-making process

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3. Does the educational background of a consumer impact on their attitude towards organic food

a. If educational background of a consumer impacts on attitudes, how does that impact manifest, do higher levels of education increase or decrease positive attitudes towards organic food

b. Are appositive or negative attitudes associated with subjects studied while in education? For example, are students who have had to study issues associated with food more likely to have positive attitudes?

4. Does the educational background of a consumer impact on their purchase intent of organic food.

a. Are people with a higher education more or less likely to purchase organic food?

b. Does the study of certain subjects’ impact on the intention to purchase?

If there is a desire to assess culture, this may also be incorporated, but it may result in the research being too broad. If these are included, the questions may be;

5. Does national culture impact on attitudes towards organic food?

6. Does national culture impact on intention to purchase organic food?

If the research is to be undertaken using a quantitative approach there would be the ability to gather numerical data which can then be subject to hypothesis testing, allowing generalisation to be made regarding the trends and patterns of the independent variables influencing the dependent variables (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2012). To assess the issues hypothesis need to be developed, along with null hypothesis. The tests will try to disprove the hypothesis (Bryman & Bell, 2011). Only if…


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