Development of current engineerings affects the demands of industries at the present clip. In todays industries, networking system has played a critical function in the progress of technology engineerings. Therefore, the execution of Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is required. This undertaking is concentrating on the development of a Controller Area Network ( CAN ) trainer kit for learning and larning intent. This proposal paper presents a brief debut to the CAN web protocol, the execution of a basic CAN coach topology and development of hardware design every bit good as package scheduling. The overall undertaking is divided into two parts which is hardware and package design. The hardware portion will be design utilizing Proteus which use PIC microcontroller. The PIC will be plan utilizing PIC C-compiler. While the package portion will be design utilizing C-programming. The Proteus and C-programming is used as a simulation tool to do certain that all the wiring connexions are right and good design before the hardware constituents is solder onto the bread board. The CAN trainer kit will be design utilizing two bread boards for communicating intent. So that, the velocity public presentation can be analyze clearly.


The Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is a field-bus communicating engineering created in the early 80s by Bosch Gmbh in Germany [ 2 ] . The CAN coach was developed as a multi-master, message broadcast system that specifies a maximal signaling rate of 1 Mbit per second ( bits per second ) . Unlike a traditional web such as USB or Ethernet, CAN does non direct big blocks of informations point-to-point from node A to node B under the supervising of a cardinal coach maestro. In a CAN web, many short messages like temperature or RPM are broadcast to the full web, which provides for informations consistence in every node of the system. Its chief advantages are low cost, simple constellation, electric hardiness, prioritized medium entree arbitration mechanism, every bit good as error-detection and containment characteristics. Therefore, although CAN was ab initio aimed to cut down the wiring cost in vehicle communicating, shortly it go highly popular.


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A Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is ideally suited to many high-ranking industrial and due to its easiness of usage, it become highly demanding in market. Since there is no CAN developing kit available in UTeM, so the thought has come up to develop CAN trainer kit for learning and larning procedure.


Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is a web protocol that allows multiple processors in a system to pass on expeditiously with each other [ 6 ] . Nowadays, it is widely used as the communicating substructure of a broad scope of applications such as vehicle communicating, mill mechanization, automotive industry and robotics. Due to its legion advantages, a trainer kit should be implemented for learning and larning intent in university. Since there is no preparation kit for accountant country web in UTeM & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s research lab, so this undertaking could be considered as valuable one. Even though, it is available in market but the cost is rather pricy. In present educational pattern, the theoretical and practical should come together. Therefore, the trainer kit likely will assist the pupils to understand and expose themselves practically to the accountant country web.


The aims of this undertaking are:

To analyze the Controller Area Network ( CAN ) protocol and its topology

To develop Controller Area Network ( CAN ) trainer kit for learning and larning procedure

To analyse the connexion every bit good as public presentation of velocity of the CAN system utilizing Proteus and C-programming


The Scopess of this undertaking are:

The Controller Area Network ( CAN ) trainer kit will be develop utilizing PIC microcontroller

Proteus and C-programming is used to develop the hardware design and imitate the package programming


An overview of accountant country web by M. Farsi, K. Ratcliff and M. Barbosa, 1999 [ 1 ] shows that the Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is a well-established networking system specifically designed with real-time demands in head. CAN enabled a immense decrease in wiring complexness and to boot made it possible to complect several devices utilizing a individual brace of wires, leting informations exchange between them at the same clip. This article goes some manner into explicating how CAN is used both at the hardware and the package degrees. For hardware execution, a standalone CAN accountant can be interfaced to the same micro-controller utilizing the external reference and informations coach for bing merchandise. For new merchandises a different microcontroller with incorporate CAN interface can be used. While for package execution, consideration of how the application package handles the hardware interface between the CAN accountant and processor can play a major portion in the communicating procedure.

A research on the Controller Area Network by H. Chen and J. Tian, 2009 [ 2 ] provinces that CAN is a multi-master consecutive coach that allows an efficient transmittal of informations between different nodes. CAN is a flexible, dependable, robust and standardised protocol with real-time capablenesss. Fault parturiency is besides a major benefit of CAN. Faulty nodes are automatically dropped from the coach, which prevents any individual node from conveying a web down, and assure that bandwidth is ever available for critical message transmittal.

A net proctor system used to real-time proctor the province of the CAN coach was designed by P. Chang-hao, C. Lu and C. Ju, 2011 [ 3 ] CAN coach is playing an of import function in the vehicle web. In this paper, a CAN coach monitoring system had been completed. Simulation consequences show that the system can real-time supervise the coach province. The CAN bus monitoring system has a few parametric quantities to put and its operation is really simple. You merely merely need set some parametric quantities and take the signals which you want to supervise. However, this system & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s maps are needed to better. For illustration, the system can non hive away informations.

An analysis of Network-Based Control System utilizing Controller Area Network ( CAN ) Protocol by J. Man Jeon, D. Won Kim, H. Seok Kim, Y. Jo Cho and B. Hee Lee, 2001 [ 4 ] This paper analyses architecture of network-based control system and trades with its application utilizing CAN protocol. It is hard to find optimum web architecture for a specific system. Therefore, the network-based control system for AGV with a operator arm was designed. The network-based control system has advantages of flexibleness for enlargement and inter-related functional public presentation between nodes compared with the centralized control system.

A formal instance survey conducted by A. Benzekri and J. Bruel, 1997. [ 5 ] Shows that Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is a well-known coach engineering in industrial communicating systems. It uses a dynamic, priority-based algorithm to make up one’s mind which of the affiliated Stationss is permitted to direct informations on the coach. The presented instance survey is a measure in the rating of functional and public presentation belongingss of CAN applications.


This undertaking expected to develop a Controller Area Network ( CAN ) trainer kit for learning and larning intent in university. The CAN trainer kit should pass on good and demo a good velocity public presentation. Hopefully this trainer kit will assist the pupils to understand more about CAN.


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