Development of Humanity from Prehistoric up to the Historic Movement Contemporary humans are the prime creations of numerous adaptations that took place over the course of millions of years. In the 19th century, archeologist and historians began to uncover the remains of ape like creatures which was found to be the beginning humans. These creatures lived tens of thousands of years before the first humans. Nevertheless, this finding triggered eminent controversy over religion and beliefs as the stories of Adam and Eve in the Hebrew Bible occurred only a few housing years ago while the fossils were dated extremely further back.

Naturalist like Charles Darwin and Raymond Dart was able to show that the time frame for all biological life was vastly longer than what people and religions believed to be. According to Darwin and Dart, the first human like creatures were the Hominids which were warm-blooded, 4 limbed primates that lived over 7 million years ago. However, what really established the basis of humans was the ability of bipedal walking upright on 2 legs, having opposable thumbs to manipulate objects, and a ice box larynx that was much lower in the neck for communicating.

Walking on two legs gave the perks of using less energy while being able to carry items typically food over large distances. Humans evolved from the groups of “homo” meaning the same. About 2-3 million years ago Homo Habits adapted from the original Psychotherapeutics with a 50% larger brain. The Homo Habits chipped flakes off the ends of volcanic rock to be used as tools. Thus, they were able to eat a greater variety of nutritious food increasing their mental capacity. About a million years ago the

Homo Erects adapted with a 1/3 larger brain than the Habits. They were scavengers and used tools such as the hand ax; better equipped for survival. The last adoption occurred 400-130,000 years ago and these people were the skillful hunter Homo Sapiens who also had a 1/3 larger brain than the Erects and the mental capacity for speech. The first humans migrated from Africa through land bridges and wet periods. As glaciers melted through the ice age groups of people became isolated and their skin pigmentation adapted to fit the climates at hand.

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The Stone Age occurred almost 2 million years ago containing the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. The Paleolithic period is the time of foragers/ food gathers, while the Neolithic period is defined as the switch to food producing and domestication of animals. The Holocene or end of the great ice age became known as the time where farming became more beneficial as temperatures greatly increased. As people came together and villages formed languages were also created to communicate with one another. Development of Humanity By shamans 1


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