Did you ever want a pet as a kid? A fluffy dog to play with. A fuzzy cat to snuggle up with. Well now a days you could easily talk your parents into getting you one. You could use the fact that you will actually be healthier with a pet then without one. The pet could teach you responsibility to use in life in the long run. Finally it will bring you happiness, and a BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE. So the question is should kids have pets? A main reason kids should have pets is because pets actually help with children’s health. “A study was done in 2012 where doctors monitored 397 newborn’s.” They would keep track of if they were around animals or not. They found out that newborns that got sick, and were around animals didn’t have to stay on medication as long as babies that weren’t around them.  Kids tend to have a better immune system being around the animals.  If a child has a animal that they see everyday then they have something they can turn to. The more time they spend with the animal the more they will get used to it. The more they will get used to dust, and other particles from outside, so when they go outside they will already be used to the air, and not get sick. Another reason why kids should have a pet is that it will teach them responsibility. When you have animals you are there life they expect you to feed them, bathe them, and to keep their living space clean. When you have a dog you have to let them out, you have to feed them, and you have to play with them alot. For a child to remember that you will have to teach them, and they can become responsible. With any animal they can learn this if they have a fish they have to clean their bowl every week. If you have a rabbit you have to remember to feed them. Even if you have a lizard you have to remember to clean out its cage. All kids can learn from just feeding an animal. Animals bring humans a lot of happiness. They give you love and attention because you are there whole world. That is why stress levels have been lowered on people who have pets vs the people who don’t. What happens is an animal can tell when you are having a different emotion other than your happy self especially with children. The pets main goal once it realizes is to make you happy. They will will rub up against you, and they will give you lots of love and attention. Plus why wouldn’t you want to give your child a BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE.If your family has ever thought about getting a pet keep a hold of that thought. It would be the best decision of your life. Go to a pound or humane society, and look for an animal that really needs you. Once you get there you won’t be able to say no. The kids would love to have it, and the parents would love it to. Be healthier, more responsible, and have a best friend. Be apart of the 144 million homes in the world, and buy a life long friend.


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