As the Europeans arrived to the Americas they seen the land as really comfortable. They wanted the land for power and wealths. These lands were full of valuable resources such as rich dirts. lumber. gold Ag. and cherished metals. Due to the Seasonal Cycle in England it was really hard to cultivate harvests. The Europeans had to invariably work highly difficult to interrupt the dirt. they had to wait for the land to dissolve and dry before they even began this procedure. Therefore the deficiency of agricultural quality. did non let them to turn adequate harvests to feed their people. Many Europeans adult females and girls were malnourished so the work forces in the household could eat plenty. Since there was a deficiency of occupations and work was slow all household members had to work together still non providing them with money and nutrient. Another ground the Europeans wanted to colonise the New universe was because of faith.

Everyone had to belong to a church. there were churches in every community. The Roman Catholic Church possessed power. and subject over them. They hoped to get away this spiritual persecution. The Catholic Church became really affluent. they taxed the people of England. even if they did non believe in this faith. Many high members of the church used this for personal addition. Settlers wanted a topographic point to get down new where they can pattern faith freely based on their beliefs. From what I have read and researched I believe there was unanimity of what the English Settlers wanted. They wanted to get down new lives with their households. Settlers wanted. prosper from merchandising all goods the Americas had to offer. They were able to set up their freedom of faith. and harvests to turn. The Colonists got what they wanted. even if it did destruct the Native Americans.


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