Recreations can be many different kinds of activities, from playing chess to playing football. Recreations do not include serious sports.An individual would have a choice to do what he wants in his recreation time. The rules that govern the two areas are completely different because they have different objectives. Recreational sports are purely for fun and enjoyment,learning new skills may be a result but not an objective, with out any set rules or regulations. When participating in the activity there may be rules but they would of been made up by you or the people you are playing with and each time you do that recreation the rules may change. There is also no set playing area, for example if you are playin football you will play where ever there is a space to play. You may not have the proper equipment either, be it no goal posts, but jumpers, to no net when playing tennis. The individual taking part in the activity may not even be skilled in that area they are playing but enjoys the game and that is why he/she takes part in that activity. The game they are playing may be completely unfair in many ways, like teams are uneven or older people against younger people but no one really minds because the game wouldnt be completely competitive as people would only be playing for fun.

Rationalised sports are very different to recreations as rationalised sports would be organized. Once agian like recreations, rationalized sports can be many different kinds of activities but these sports do contain serious sports. Rationalised sports are also played for fun and enjoyment but they also have a factor of determination seriousness about them. Unlike recreations rationalised sports do have fixed sets of rules and regulations. The players have to keep to these rules to keep their game fair, fun and enjoyable to watch. Unlike recreations these sports are very organised with set games times and trainings. Learning new skills would not only be a result of their training but it should be an objective for that player because they would want to improve in their sport.

The individuals playing a rationalised sport would have a goal for theirselfs that they would want to achieve unlike in recreational sports where the just play whenever. Rationalised sport is much more proffesional having many different governing bodies help run that sports making sure it is participating within the rules. These sports also use the proper equipment and facilities when playing their game unlike recreations where they just play the activity where they can with what ever they have. What makes rationalised sports very different from recreations is the rules that rationalised sports have to keep to. Unlike recreations rationalised sports have many different levels of skill and the more skillful players may even get payed for their sport. Rationalised sport split their games up in to many different groups, the governing bodies do this by looking at their age, gender and skill level where in recreations this would not matter at all.

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These are all the differences that seperate recreations from rationalised sport. These differences make rationalized sport much more enjoyable to watch as well because it would be much more organized.


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