High school is compulsory and normally free. Time is structured by school functionaries and parents. Students can number on instructors to remind them of duties and to steer them in puting precedences. Daily categories follow one after the other. with a few proceedingss in between. Most category agendas are arranged by school forces. Students are told about graduation demands. IN COLLEGE College is voluntary and expensive. Students manage their ain clip. Students balance duties and put precedences on their ain. Students frequently have big clip spreads between categories ; category clip varies from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Students arrange their ain agenda in audience with their academic counsellor or adviser. Graduation demands are complex. differ from plan to plan. and sometimes from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Each pupil is expected to cognize those that apply to him/her. Bottom Line: School forces watch out for pupils Bottom Line: Students are expected to take duty for – guiding and rectifying them if necessary.

What they do and don’t do. every bit good as for the effects of their determinations. HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES COLLEGE CLASSES Students can usually acquire by with analyzing exterior of Students need to analyze at least 2 to 3 hours outside of category category every bit small as 0 to 2 hours a hebdomad. and possibly for each hr in category. A class burden of 12 credits requires jaming before trials. anyplace between 24 to 36 hours of independent study/homework clip. Reading is frequently re-taught in category ; listening in category is Students are assigned significant sums of reading and sometimes plenty. composing which may non be straight addressed in category. but still demo up in trials. Bottom Line: Students are normally told in category what Bottom Line: It’s up to the pupils to read and understand they need to larn from assigned readings. the assigned stuff ; talks and assignments proceed from the premise that the pupils have already done so.

Teachers check completed prep. COLLEGE PROFESSORS Professors may non ever look into completed prep. but they will presume the pupils can execute the same undertakings on trials. Teachers remind pupils of uncomplete work. Professors may non remind pupils of uncomplete work. Teachers approach the pupils if they believed they Professors are normally unfastened and helpful. but most expect the demand aid. pupils to originate contact if they need aid. Teachers are frequently available for conversation before. Professors expect and want the pupil to go to their during. or after category. scheduled office hours.

Teachers are taught learning methods to help in Professors have been trained as experts in their peculiar conveyance cognition to pupils. countries of research. non needfully on how to learn. Teachers provided pupils with information if instance of Professors expect pupils to acquire from schoolmates any notes an absence. from lost categories. Teachers present stuff to assist pupils understand Professors may non follow the text edition. Alternatively. they may the stuff in the text edition. utilize other stuffs to supplement the text ; or they may anticipate the pupils to associate the categories to the text edition readings.

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Teachers frequently write information on the board as a sum-up of notes. Teachers impart cognition and facts. sometimes pulling direct connexions to lead pupils through the thought procedure. Teachers frequently take clip to remind pupils of assignments and due day of the months. Teachers carefully supervise category attending. Bottom Line: In high school pupils largely get facts and accomplishments. TESTS IN HIGH SCHOOL Testing tends to be frequent and screens little sums of stuff.

Professors may talk nonstop. anticipating pupils to place the of import points in their notes. Good notes are a must. Professors expect pupils to believe about and synthesise apparently unrelated subjects on their ain. Professors expect pupils to read. salvage. and consult the class course of study ( outline ) ; the course of study spells out precisely what is expected of the pupil. when it is due. and how it will be graded. Professors may non officially take axial rotation. but they are still likely to cognize whether or non a pupil shows up. Bottom Line: In college pupils are responsible for believing through and using what they have learned. TESTS IN COLLEGE Testing is normally infrequent and may be cumulative. covering big sums of stuff. The pupil. non the professor. demand to form the stuff to fix for the trial. A peculiar class may hold merely 2 or 3 trials in a semester.

Makeup trials are rarely an option ; if they are. the pupil needs to bespeak them. Professors in different classs normally schedule trials without respect to the demands of other classs or outside activities. Professors seldom offer review Sessionss. and when they do. they expect the pupils to come prepared with inquiries. Bottom Line: Command is frequently seen as the ability to use what the pupil has learned to new state of affairss or to work out new sorts of jobs. GRADES IN COLLEGE Grades may non be provided for all assigned work. Extra recognition undertakings can non. by and large talking. be used to raise a class in a college class. Students graduate merely if their norm in categories meets the departmental criterion specified in the Catalog. Bottom Line: “Results count. ” Though “good-faith effort” is of import in respect to the professor’s willingness to assist pupils accomplish good consequences. it will non replace for consequences in the scaling procedure.

Makeup trials are frequently available. Teachers are unfastened to rearranging trial day of the months to avoid struggle with school events. Review Sessionss indicating out the most of import constructs are common. Bottom Line: Command can be seen as the ability to reproduce what pupils are taught. GRADES IN HIGH SCHOOL Grades were given for most assigned work. Extra recognition undertakings are frequently available to assist raise your class. Students may graduate every bit long as they pass all needed classs with a class of D or higher. Bottom Line: “Effort counts. ” Courses are normally structured to honor a “good-faith attempt. ”


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