If you think Polish and English schools are similar so you are incorrect. They are still schools but have many differences. Polish schools don’t purchase staff for you. You are the 1 who must purchase everything to larn for yourself. In England every school buys staff for pupils. Every school in England has uniform. Most schools in Poland don’t have uniforms. In England you can take options. Subjects you want to make next. In Poland you can’t choose options. you must to larn all topics. but seemingly this twelvemonth pupils will be able to take in what way they want to larn e. g. more into maths and scientific discipline or Polish linguistic communication and history etc. In England there are detainments but in Poland if you have bad classs so you can neglect twelvemonth so that means you are traveling to be in the same twelvemonth once more following twelvemonth. In England there are tonss of vacations but there is merely one month of summer vacation. In Poland there is non many vacations in twelvemonth but summer vacation last for over two months. 90 % of instructors in Poland are adult females. Classs in England are from A* to G but in Poland they are from 6 to 1.

In England A* is the best one but G is the worst 1. In Poland the best 1 is 6. and the worst 1 is 1 and if you get many 1s and the norm of your classs consequences in 1 so you fail the twelvemonth. In Poland every lesson lasts for 45 proceedingss and there is a interruption after each lesson. Ends and starts of lessons in Poland are every twenty-four hours in different clip. it depends on what twelvemonth are you in and how many lessons have you got. e. g. twelvemonth one will complete at 12. 25pm and twelvemonth six will complete at 3. 25pm. In England the terminal of lessons is in the same clip every twenty-four hours. no affair what twelvemonth you are in. In Poland there are obligatory books that mean you must to read books in place and you work on the book in school in Polish language/literacy. besides you have so few trials to acquire some classs and turn out that you have read it. In Poland there is a batch of emphasis because you have many trials and sometimes at the beginning of the lesson the instructor calls your name and you have to acquire up and reply inquiries about the last lesson or the subject of the current lesson. If you know the replies so you get a good class. but if you don’t so you get 1. In Poland you get a batch of prep and every twenty-four hours you sit and do it for tomorrow.

If you didn’t make it. so you can state the instructor that you are non prepared for the lesson. but you can make it merely two times a term. In Poland you have merely two footings. If you have already done it two times. so you get a subtraction or 1. If you get five subtractions so you get 1 and if you get five assets so you get 5. It depends on the regulations in different schools. Besides. in Poland there is something called pupil commission that organises trips and parties and different charity actions in school. Students that take portion in it besides help others and work out jobs and acquire good classs for the behavior. If your norm of classs is above 4. 75 so you get a particular certification with ruddy strap on it. Not many pupils get it though. Physical instruction in Poland looks wholly different. Girls and male childs are together in one group and frequently they play football. volleyball. hoops. exercises. gymnastic exercises. hockey and they don’t travel out from school as they have their lesson in the gym or athleticss field or the corridor or engine room in the school.

In England you are 5 old ages old when you go to twelvemonth 1 in primary school. In Poland you are 7 and primary school stopping points for 6 old ages. Then you go to secondary school which lasts for 3 old ages and so you can take if you want to travel to high school or vocational high school. The differences are that vocational high school stopping points for 4 old ages and you learn the calling and in normal high school you merely by and large learn and so travel to university. Most people want to travel to normal high school as they think vocational is for dumb which is non true. If you go to normal so you have more opportunity of acquiring onto university. but it doesn’t mean that you won’t if you used to travel to vocational. Often people go to vocational because it is easier to acquire a occupation after and they think they won’t be able to travel to normal one as you need to work at that place much harder. Besides. you have to travel to school until the age of 18.

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