The intent of this study is to look at economic development affairs and what encourages new concerns to turn up to a new concern park. I will be look intoing two contrasting concerns that will make new occupations in the local economic system. For the voluntary sector I have chosen Oxfam and for the private sector I have chosen Topshop.

I have chosen Topshop and Oxfam as my two contrasting concerns. Topshop is a immature misss and women’s apparels store. This concern is international and has shops all over the state. Topshop has 300 shops they are still turning and spread outing. The proprietor of Topshop owns other retail stores like Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins. Topshop is portion of Arcadia. a public limited company is owned by stockholders. which may be members of the populace. Their portions can be bought and sold on the stock exchange. Topshop is run by a board of managers. These people make the major determinations within the concern.

They have limited liability ; this means if the concern gets into debt and can non pay it. the concern will acquire sued. This is known as incorporation. The shareholders’ personal assets can non be taken to pay the debt ; they are so merely apt for how much they have invested in the concern. The intent of Topshop is to sell scope of apparels for the populace to purchase. besides to do net income. Oxfam is an international charity that was founded in 1942 in England. This administration provides aid to hapless states and catastrophe affected countries. The intent of this contrasting concern is to assist people reconstruct lives working on long term undertakings with communities determined to assist guarantee they have a better hereafter.

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Topshop have their ain purposes and aims. their purposes are:
Net income and net income maximization – they want to do as much net income as they can
Survival- they as a concern privation to be able to last within the apparels industry and non neglect because other concerns similar to them are opening up. Growth- they besides want to be able to turn and spread out their concern and put up more shops in different portion of the universe to maximize their net income.

Their Smart aims are:
SMART stands for Specific. Measurable. Achievable. and Realistic. clip Constrained. Their aims are
Specific because Topshop will merely take to concentrate on vesture and manner accoutrements peculiarly directed at adult females. Measureable in this context will intend that Top shop’s market portion can be easy assessed and acquire to cognize of their changing demands and wants. Accomplishable because their concern schemes can be stretched to accomplish the coveted market portion. Realistic would be whether they are really accomplishable or non. Time constrained will intend they will accomplish all the aims by a certain clip.

Oxfam besides have their ain purposes and aims. their purposes are:
Oxfam’s purposes are:
To assist people in hapless states and alleviate poorness
Help supply instruction for people who are in demand of it
They take contributions like playthings and apparels. and so they sell on for money and all the money goes to that charity.
Raise money and promote charitable giving.

Oxfam’s aims include
To supply clean infirmaries
To be caring and welcoming to new people
To be good organized
Give the best possible intervention they can
Give as much advice as they can

Within Topshop there are a figure of different stakeholders which influence the intent of the concern. The intent of Topshop is to supply good merchandises for clients and besides to supply a good service. A stakeholder is anyone with an involvement in a concern. These can be persons. groups or administrations and they are affected by the activity of the concern.

Topshop’s stakeholders:

The concerns purposes are set to delight the clients and live up the client outlooks. The clients of Topshop expect high quality and value for money apparels and merchandises. They besides expect the latest manner tendencies and to look good in them as they are paying so much. Topshop as a large vesture store are taking to do the working conditions better for the people that are bring forthing their merchandises so so the clients know the apparels have been made in good working conditions which is a benefit. If the clients at Topshop didn’t get what they wanted. they could travel elsewhere. Therefore clients have an influence over how Topshop run their concern.


Topshop need employees to assist the concern to spread out and open a scope of shops. Employees can act upon Topshop by reaching their trade brotherhoods if they’re non happy with their on the job conditions. Their point of position would be to do certain they have good rates of wage. good on the job conditions. contract of employment ill wage and vacation entitlements.


For Topshop to do adequate net income to maintain the concern running. they will necessitate providers to be able to purchase merchandises and sell them to clients. Without providers the concern wouldn’t survive.


Owners are stockholders in the concern. people that have invested in Topshop. If Topshop didn’t have stockholders so the concern wouldn’t tally every bit good.

Trade unions-

It’s an administration which supports workers when they are in differences with their employees over the rates of wage they are acquiring or working conditions they are in. If the director of the concern does non hold with the trade brotherhoods or employees so Topshop could lose staff over this. Local communities

The community may shop in Topshop as it’s the closest shop to them. This will act upon Topshop by holding local clients who may ever hold a speedy expression in their shop when they have clip. This will increase net income for Topshop.


They make all the Torahs which Topshop have to lodge to. This means if they don’t stick to these Torahs they could acquire fined and loses clients over. In decision. some stakeholders will hold a much bigger influence compared to the others. For illustration staff could travel elsewhere and happen a new occupation and work at that place alternatively. Oxfam’s stakeholders


Customers in Oxfam will purchase merchandises and the money made will travel to the charity so gets passed on the people to supply them with nutrients. apparels etc. If Oxfam didn’t have clients so they wouldn’t be able to raise money and aid people that are in demand of instruction. apparels and nutrient and H2O.

Employees –

Oxfam needs employees to assist the commercialism to spread out its ego and open more shops up around the universe. Besides they would necessitate staff to assist accomplish their purposes and aims. The employees that work at Oxfam are voluntaries and they don’t acquire paid. If they don’t have employees so the concern wouldn’t be able to raise money for the charity.


They have two types of providers. members of the general populace who donate 2nd manus goods. They influence Oxfam because if they didn’t donate to this administration so Oxfam as a charity wouldn’t be able to stock their stores. The 2nd types of providers have medical supplies which help people in 3rd universe states.


Oxfam is a charity and as such does non hold proprietors but legal guardians who help to maintain the administration on path with its purposes and intent. Local communities-

Local community donate and purchase goods from the charity. They influence Oxfam because they buy goods of them and if they didn’t Oxfam wouldn’t be able to accomplish their mark of doing money to give to that charity.

Government –

The authorities make Torahs and statute law which Oxfam must follow. They influence them because Oxfam may hold to alter the manner they work and how they run the concern. In decision. the stakeholders of Oxfam have a large influence on the concern and how they run the concern. For illustration. employees have the biggest sum of influence because if the concern doesn’t have adequate staff they wouldn’t be able to spread out the concern and make more shops around the universe to raise more money. Both administrations have a figure of different stakeholders. Each of the stakeholders will hold a degree of influence on the concerns. Some stakeholders will hold more influence than others. The stakeholders that I think would hold the most influence in Topshop would be clients. employees. authorities and stockholders. Topshop’s chief purpose is to do a net income. Customers in Topshop want the latest stylish apparels at sensible monetary values. They besides expect high quality merchandises that last the season.

If Topshop introduced apparels that did non run into their customers’ outlooks so gross revenues would diminish and Topshop would non be able to accomplish their purposes and aims as they wouldn’t be doing adequate money to do a net income. Employees that work in Topshop have an influence on the concerns purposes and aims because if they didn’t have employees to work in the shops so they wouldn’t run into their purposes and aims as a concern because people have any to purchase the merchandise off. Besides employees are needed widely for spread outing the concern to different portion of the universe and opening more of the shops. The authorities besides have a large influence on Topshop’s concern purposes and aims as they make all the Torahs for non merely that concern but other concerns excessively and if the concern doesn’t follow or stick to those regulations so they will acquire fined and could hold a bad repute created which would hold negative influences on them as current clients may be put off purchasing merchandises from them and travel to one of their rivals near by like New Look or River Island.

Stockholders are the last of the four stakeholders I think have a large influence on Topshop’s purposes and aims. They are of import because the shop wouldn’t grow and expand if they didn’t have proprietors. Both administrations have a figure of different stakeholders. Each of the stakeholders will hold a degree of influence on the concerns. Some stakeholders will hold more influence than others. The stakeholders that I think would hold the most influence in Oxfam would be voluntaries. clients. I think voluntaries would hold a large influence on the concerns purposes and aims for Oxfam because without voluntaries. the shops wouldn’t be able to run and that means the charity would hold money donated for the charity. Oxfam is non out at that place to do a net income ; the concern would be fighting non because of them non doing a net income as there wouldn’t be anyone to work in the stores.

Customers are really of import in the influence of Oxfam’s purposes and aims as the concern wants to hold 2nd manus goods handed in from the clients and so people will purchase the 2nd manus goods if they know the money is traveling to charity. If the clients weren’t coming into the charity shops so this would impact their purpose to raise money because there is no-one to purchase the merchandises. Overall. I know that within the two contrasting concerns I have described above. they both have a figure of different stakeholders that have an influence on their concerns purposes and aims.


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