All walks of Life In these day and age when numerous opportunities are Just waiting to be grabbed and thousands of paths Just waiting to be traveled, someone can really be anyone.

There are those who chose to be professionals such as nurses, accountants, engineers, teachers and others , some bravely took the risk to venture in business (big or small) so they can be the boss of their own, others prefer to be investors waiting for the right time and circumstance to put their money on the line or to take t back in when they feel they are about to lose big time , some allow themselves to be employees doing either white or blue collar Jobs, some are plain housewives, young minds are mostly students, few seem to strip on something lucky and become an instant celebrity, others enter politics and its complicated world, many are Jobless either by choice or by reason. These are Just some of the many possible directions a person can take.

Each of these function differently, each live a different life, and each play a efferent role in the society but what’s common about all these is that all of them have something to earn for, save for, lend for, borrow for, or spend for. In short, they all have finances to manage regardless of what they do in life which may also mean using accounting in one way or another or applying some of its principles at the very least. Professionals and employees have paychecks to wait, debts to pay and retirement schemes to plan. Business persons need to keep track of where their business currently stands and the possibilities of expanding. Investors need to determine how much risk they are willing to take and what investment will give them higher returns.

Even housewives need to know how to properly manage their family budget and make sure everything the family get in exchange of that money is really worth that money. Students have finances to manage as well, their allowance for example, what expenses should be their priority. Celebrities need efficient management of their talent fees and proper accounting for such to save them from whatever inconvenience tax agencies may cause them since celebrities have obviously been on the watch of those agencies in the past years. Politicians are expected by people or constituents to be transparent about their net worth for people to determine if such politician doesn’t make use of the people’s money for personal interest which is where accounting and financial management comes in.

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How about the Jobless? Do they have finances to be managed? For me, yes, cause even though they don’t earn from work they still manage to spend for vices or to revive a day for that matter, because they have their ways of sourcing and planning where to spent their money. Indeed financial management and to some extent , accounting, is being practiced in the lives of people regardless of what walk in life they belong or of what direction they are heading. It is therefore safe to say that Just as how many believe science to be part of everyone’s life is also how financial management and accounting is unknowingly practice Day people. Jejunely Lagan


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