There are many faiths in the universe. They pattern many different ways. There is Christianity. Islam. and Judaism. I like to analyze about different faiths. Islam worships the God Allah. which means God in Arabic Muslims faith is Islam. Mohammed is the prophesier to follow and he was the last prophesier. Moslems have three vacations. There is Ramadan. Eid and Eid-el-haj. Each twelvemonth all the Muslims go to Mecca. Muslims believe adult females should non demo their organic structures. this keeps the work forces from transgressing. Muslims holly book is the Qur’an. All Muslims pray five times a twenty-four hours and every Friday go to mosque. Muslims must pray in Arabic.

Hebraism was founded in Israel by a adult male named Abraham. Jews worship God. Hebrews have a holly book called Torah. Hebrews do non believe the Messiah has come yet. They speak and read Hebrew. and make it the most for supplication. Jews pray in a peculiar manner. They have a particular vacation called Hanukkah. which is the same as Christmas in America. The different thing is they use a Menorah. A Menorah holds tapers that Jews light each dark of Hanukkah. Hebrews have particular jubilations called saloon and chiropteran mitsvahs excessively. This is a household jubilation of a male child or miss observing being grown up. The new adult male or adult female must turn out themselves by stating parts of the Torah. Jews eat particular nutrient called kosher and is blessed by their sermonizer who is called Rabbi. This is for God.

Christianity was founded in Israel by Jesus of Nazareth. Christians worship God merely like the other faiths. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Christians can be free and pray when they feel the demand. However. most still attend church. which is like a Muslims mosque. Christians celebrate two spiritual Vacations Easter and Christmas. Easter is the jubilation when Jesus rose on the 3rd twenty-four hours. There is besides Good Friday and most things near on this twenty-four hours. Christmas is the jubilation of Jesus’ birth. Jesus was born in a manor in Bethlehem. and his female parent was Marry. Her hubby was Joseph. Jesus was a gift from God because he was born of a virgin. Even though Christians are free. they still have strong religion.

In decision. all of these faiths have their ain particular ways. but the of import portion is that they all worship God. God is who made this universe. These faiths merely worship God in a different manner from each other. They besides live life in a small different manner. This is what makes the universe particular. I am Muslim. but I besides like larning about different faiths.

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