“When it comes to their wellness. workers ever know best. ” ( Workers Health International Newsletter No. 42 ) . ” Analyse the different research methods that brotherhoods and workers use to place sick wellness caused by work.


The subject I have chosen to look into for this assignment will be “When it comes to their wellness. workers ever know best. ” ( Workers Health International Newsletter No. 42 ) . ” Analyse the different research methods that brotherhoods and workers use to place sick wellness caused by work. I have chosen to look into this topic to see what different research methods are out at that place and what sort of information we can garner from them. I will make this by analyzing and measuring each known method. and so set uping which is more suited for my ain workplace.

I intend to be able to utilize some of these research methods on my members and in my workplace. to see if there are any possible jeopardies in the workplace. After seeking out some of these research methods I will collate the informations and if an issue is raised make a program of action to extinguish the job. I besides intend to portion my findings with my members and present this information at the following wellness and safety meeting.

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What types of research method is at that place?

A simple research method would be to “look and listen” by this I mean detect your milieus. listen to members concerns. look into things like the accident book or has at that place been a figure of claims? Another type of research can be to make comparings between different things in the workplace for illustration does one country have more accidents so another or does an country have extra jeopardies compared to others. A truly utile research method for seeking to happen out if there is a specific wellness job with your work is body mapping. Body function is a manner of placing common forms of wellness jobs amongst workers in a peculiar workplace or making the same occupation.

Whilst it is non certain that any such common complaints are work-related. it highlights countries for farther probe. A similar technique is risk mapping/hazard mapping where alternatively of foregrounding countries of hurting on the organic structure like a organic structure map does this high spots risks on a map of the workplace. From this map you will be able to construct up a clear image of where the jeopardies prevarication in the workplace.

One of the most popular types of research is to make a study. this may be because there are tonss of different ways you can make studies and you can orient them to be every bit specific as you want. You don’t even have to come up with the questionnaire yourself as there are a batch of pre made 1s online which may carry through your demands. Another research method is to analyze records to see if you can happen any anomalousnesss or similarities in the informations. Records can run from asbestos registries to pesticide passports.

Professionals and cons of research methods
Body function

One of the pros of organic structure function is that it is a simple get downing point to be able to place wellness jobs within the work force. Another advantage is that it is really easy to put up. and really speedy to be able to take part in. even those with disablements and those who are non English speech production can partake. which should promote people to take portion. The consequences can be fleetly obtained. and are clear and easy to show to direction. A strength of utilizing this method is that it can raise wellness and safety consciousness in the workplace. and so eventually body function can be anon. . hopefully promoting more members to acquire involved.

A failing of the organic structure mapping method is that it is merely a starting point for probe. and it is difficult to trap down to work issues. and so you would necessitate to follow it up with different research methods. for illustration: studies and treatments to seek and foreground what the jeopardy may be. A disadvantage is that all employees’ who have taken portion would necessitate to make the same occupation in order for the information to work or you have to make multiple organic structure maps ( the jeopardies may change from occupation to occupation ) .


One of the advantages of utilizing the study method is that it can be conveyed in multiple ways. such as electronic mail. cyberspace. paper or station. This manner of research makes it easy to aim big populations of people. Another pro is that the study can be as specific or general as you like. dependent upon the inquiries you wish to inquire. You can inquire unfastened inquiries which will give you elaborate responses. or closed inquiries which are speedy to construe informations from and you will acquire fast consequences.

By utilizing this method you can repeatedly utilize the same study over a period of clip to measure any alterations that may be taking topographic point. A disadvantage of this method is that study design frequently requires particular accomplishments from the research worker in trying proper inquiry design and analysis. Another failing is unfastened inquiries can make a batch of informations which is clip devouring to analyze and it may besides set people off take parting. Surveies might non be accessible to all members. such as foreign workers or people with disablements. Another drawback is that it is hard to acquire people to take part as it takes excessively much clip to finish or they can non be bothered.

Hazard function

By utilizing the hazard function method. it can foreground to workers any possible jeopardies that they may be exposed to. and any physical. chemical or biological jobs that might originate when making the occupation. Workplace hazard function is a technique where workers can acquire together to acquire these concerns down on paper. This attack takes the control off from experts like wellness and safety professionals. by utilizing the cognition of workers and admiting the indispensable part they make. and are developed from mundane experiences. Hazard maps can be enhanced if the jeopardies are coded utilizing colorss or symbols. it may even be possible to fit these codifications to countries with organic structure mapping consequences. An advantage of utilizing this method is that it can let workers to maintain path of management’s activities to rectify the jeopardies the map has identified.

A disadvantage of the hazard function method is workers may miss involvement in the procedure. and wish to disregard jeopardies in their work country. particularly if they have been making the occupation for a long clip. non wishing to alter from what they have been making ( they may be scared of alteration ) . A failing can be seen to be employers non implementing the findings of the hazard function. therefore promoting members to work unsafely. There could be an issue with members non desiring to take portion due to a concern of force per unit area from direction to ‘get the occupation done’ . A failing could be that if there is a deficiency of committedness from employers one time issues have been highlighted. there could be a hold in the hazard being removed or controlled.

Decision and recommendations

After analyzing assorted types of research methods. it is clear that no method is perfect. It seems that depending upon the type of informations required. this may find which method is best to be rolled out. Even the possibility that one research method might non be plenty to acquire all informations required ( the organic structure mapping method may merely be a starting point ) . and so more than one method may be suited in certain instances. From analyzing this information. when nearing the work force it may be better to utilize more than one attack in order to accurately describe possible hazards to direction. This attack will non merely do the informations more precise. but besides make the instance more conclusive. After looking into all the different research methods I intend to urge that either the TU or the company. or both utilise some of the research methods. get downing with organic structure function and taking on from there to other techniques.


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