1. Traditional
The traditional or classic look is said to be timeless, one that never gets outdated. This is a style preferred by many people because of its warm, inviting and welcoming environment that is made even more beautiful by the choice of classic colors such as warm wood tones and neutral shades, and classic prints such as floral patterns and symmetric designs.

2. Contemporary

Modern times call for modern home décor, so they say. Contemporary décor are those that are edgy and more adventurous. The color palette of this theme typically includes black, gray, silver, red and white. We do not see any floral patterns here but more basic geometric shapes..

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3. Country

Country décor makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the country and rustic environment. Vintage fabrics, floral patterns, stripes and checkered patterns are some of the common things you would see in a country theme. It is also typical to see wall arts featuring roosters, horses and cows or decorative plates, bowls and pottery. Colors are usually bright and of shades of red, orange, brown and yellow.

4. Tropical

A tropical theme will enable you to enjoy the wondrous feeling of being in the tropical islands right inside your home. You can bask in the warmth of the sun, frolic in the ocean and imagine sand between your toes.

5. Ethnic

Ethnic or tribal theme is characterized by dark earth tones such as brown, deep red, yellow and green. Beaded patterns, wooden bowls, clay and terracotta sculptures, and natural ornaments are some of the many home accessories that will help you achieve an ethnic look for your home.

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