Bullying has become a huge issue problem in the society, with the ever increasing growth of technology devices and internet usage, it seems as though it is getting worse every day. With the advances of technology, bullying can only advance with it. Bullying can take place in many different kind of ways, such as social networking websites, email, school, cellular devices, and even at his/her own home. There are a lot of ways and forms that bullying can take place, but there are 5 main forms of bullying today. Those types of bullying are: physical bullying, emotional bullying, sexual bullying, cyber bullying, and racial bullying.

Regardless of what ways he/she is being bullied, this is a serious matter and has to be resolved. In some cases, it leads to something as serious as suicide. Physical bullying can be anything starting from a small shove, to a devastating and fatal punch to the face. However, with that being said, physically bullying does not necessarily mean it has to touch another individual. This form of bullying can be certain things like cornering another person to a corner, throwing his/her books on the floor, and breaking his/her belongings. All of these are attributes of physical bullying.

This type of bullying has been around for the longest and is the most popular type of bullying. With that being said, it is also the most dangerous form of bullying. If you are a parent, please acknowledge if you child comes home with broken items. This is a sign of physical bullying. Emotional bullying is probably the second biggest form under the bullying category. Emotional bullying is a lot similar and can be placed under the same category as cyber bulling. The big difference between the two types is that emotional bullying is more of a verbal and is told to an individual.

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A few attributes are name-calling, verbal abuse, exclusion from a group, and spreading rumors. These are not damaged physically but emotionally. This form of bullying is serious enough for an individual to commit suicide. Females often use this form to spread rumors about another person. This has a much greater effect on people than any other. After all, it usually comes down to your thoughts and emotions, even when you’re physically hurt. Racial bullying is common in today society. Especially with the Presidential Election and the racial occurs in this situation, racial bullying can take place easier than ever.

Considering the topic can be easily brought up, racial bullying can do the same. The common actions occurred in racial bullying are: people excluding others due to race and appearance, discrimination or harassment of one’s religious differences or race, and stereotypical classifications. It seems as though African Americans are often the victims of racial bullying to this day. Regardless of how many great speakers in the past has changed ways of people’s thinking, there will always be a disagreement and have their own opinions of the other race.

Obviously, some has no problem showing how much hate they have towards the other race. To conclude, it’s very apparent that multiple forms of bullying still exist, it also seems as though bullying is getting worse in the society we live in. With the advances of new technology, bullying can only get worse. The world is completely doomed, it may appear. People should be more aware and do not fail to see signs of bullying. Though only through knowledge you can be aware, and being aware, you can prevent.


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