Which of the following factors does not affect membrane permeability?
The polarity of membrane phospholipids.
How can a lipid be distinguished from a sugar?
Lipids are mostly nonpolar.
True or false? Osmosis is a type of diffusion.
What property of dishwashing liquid (detergent) makes it useful to wash grease from pans?
Amphipathic nature.
Which of the following particles could diffuse easily through a cell membrane?
Oxygen (O2)
True or false? The water-soluble portion of a phospholipid is the polar head, which generally consists of a glycerol molecule linked to a phosphate group.
If a red blood cell is places in a salt solution and bursts, what is the tonicity of the solution relative to the interior of the cell?
What name is given to the process by which water crosses a selectively permeable membrane?

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