1. 0 Introduction
The human organic structure is invariably working to stay healthy and working. In order to accomplish this. the organic structure needs a changeless supply of energy every bit good as other critical foods. This is absorbed from the nutrient we eat through a procedure called digestion. Digestion takes topographic point in several variety meats with the aid of enzymes and certain pH degrees.

1. 1 Background Information
This experiment has been constructed to prove the consequence of pH degree on the reaction clip of amylase interrupting down amylum. Amylase and glucoamylase are the enzymes present in human spit used to get down the interruption down procedure of saccharides. When non plenty of these enzymes are produced to modulate the decay of these nutrients. diastase. a natural signifier of amylase. helps in the procedure. ( Grosz. 2012 ) pH degrees of 1. 4. 7. 9 and 14 will be tested. Based on research. it is predicted that the amylum will be ‘digested’ fastest at the highest acidic degrees due to the fact that the enzymes used in the tummy for digestion consist of pure acid.

1. 2 Mouth/Oesophegus
Once nutrient enters the oral cavity. teeth grind the nutrient it into a soft paste while the lingua shapes it into a ball called a bolus for get downing. Saliva at a pH of about 5. 6 to 7. 9 begins the digestion. chemically utilizing particular proteins called enzymes. ( livestrong. com. 2012 ) These break down big molecules into smaller molecules that can be absorbed along the body’s digestive piece of land. Muscular contractions known as vermiculation along this piece of land. moves the nutrient downward though the gorge and the lower oesophageal sphincter. This is a musculus which closes to guarantee no nutrient re-enters the gorge one time swallowed. ( National Geographic. 2012 )

1. 3 Stomach
The tummy is a big musculus that acts as a impermanent storing incorporating whilst commixture and liquefying the nutrient. It has the ability to keep big repasts for a long clip. During this period tummy juices begin the procedure of chemical and enzymatic digestion. Enzymes such as pepsin which breaks down proteins. and lipase which attacks fats. work with Hydrochloric acid to fade out the tummy contents and besides destruct potentially harmful bacteriums. The concluding merchandise. a liquid paste called bell. remains in the tummy until two sphincter musculuss let go of it into the duodenum. ( National Geographic. 2012 )

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1. 4 Small Intestine
Measuring about 6 meters in length the little bowel is separated into three parts- the duodenum. jejunum. and ileum. ( National Geographic. 2012 ) This is where major soaking up into the blood stream occurs of indispensable foods.

1. 5 Large Intestine
The balance waste is pushed into the big bowel where 1000s of little villi and harmless bacteriums assorted with dead cells combine to organize solid fecal matters. Along the subdivision of the tract H2O is absorbed from the waste into the organic structure before being defecated.

1. 6 Other Key Players
Food is energy. Foods are absorbed through the blood watercourse from the liver where ruddy blood cells distributed this energy to variety meats such as the encephalon. bosom and kidneys every bit good as musculuss and tissues that besides require energy. ( Answers. com. 2012 ) Enzymes are dispersed into the duodenum from the pancreas. Connected to this is a canal called the saddle sore vesica which produces gall. an acidic liquid waste merchandise from the liver used to interrupt down fats. ( National Geographic. 2012 ) The liver plays a critical function in relation to the digestive system as it absorbs foods. ‘creating energy giving animal starch from sugary saccharides and change overing dietetic proteins into new proteins needed for our blood. ’ ( Answers. com. 2012 ) Imperative vitamins. minerals and proteins are stored for when they are required in the organic structure. The liver besides
destroys and discards unwanted chemicals such as intoxicant. Damage to the liver can ensue in a series of wellness issues. ( About. com. 2012 )

1. 7 Problems In the Digestive System
The human digestive system is affected by both the external and internal environment so it is of import to stay a healthy balance. If non. the consequence can be uncomfortable and in the long term can do abdominal hurting. unusual bowl motion and other terrible symptoms. Colitis. diverticulitis. stomach flu. pyrosis and ulcers are merely a few common jobs that occur in the digestive system. ( Astill. 2012 ) Basic causes of digestive uncomfortableness can be due to emphasize. antibiotics. hapless diet. drugs and environmental toxins. ( Cochrane. 2011 ) Therefore it is important to avoid intoxicant and other drugs. keep a balanced diet including nutrients from all five nutrient groups ( mention to appendix ) . devour merely prescribed medical specialty. avoid potentially harmful chemicals and remain unagitated. guaranting 7-9hours of slumber a twenty-four hours. ( Morgenthaler. 2012 )

2. 0 Purpose: To prove at what pH flat amylase works the fastest utilizing a scope on pH degrees from pH 1 to pH14. 3. 0 Hypothesis
The amylum will be digested fastest at the highest acidic ( pH1 ) degree. pH above 6 will non be effectual in digesting the amylum.

4. 0 Materials
* Test tubing + rack + labels
* Universal index paper
* Starch Solution
* Dimple tray
* Amylase
* Pipette
* Timer
* pH 4 buffer
* scaremonger
* Sodium Hydroxide ( NaOH )
* Hydrochloric Acid ( HCl )
* Tap H2O
* Marker pen
* Iodine solution
* pH 9 buffer
* Glass beaker

5. 0 Method
1. Mix buffer at different pH degrees of 1. 4. 7. 9 and 14. 5. 1 Making the Buffers
pH 1- Pure HCl
pH 4- Provided in the experiment equipment
pH 7- Tap H2O ( do non utilize distilled H2O )
pH 9- Provided in the experiment equipment
pH 14- Pure NaOH
2. Label trial tubing with pH degree to be tested.
3. Topographic point individual beads of iodine solution in the pregnant chads on the pregnant chad tray. 4. Topographic point 8 beads of amylase into trial tubing. and so 4drop of buffer. NOTE* It is suggested to make the impersonal control foremost. This consists of H2O at a pH of 7 5. Add 8 beads of amylum to prove tubing and mix. Then get down timer. 6. After 10 seconds use the pipette to put one bead of mixture on the first bead of I. The iodine solution should turn blue/black in coloring material. If it remains orange. the amylum has already “digested” . 7. Wait another 10 seconds. Then take a 2nd bead of the mixture to add to the following bead of I. 8. Always put Waste mixture in beaker. This will be disposed of subsequently. 9. Repeat measure 6 until the iodine solution and amylase/buffer/starch mixture remains orangish. 10. Count how many iodine beads are used in the experiment. each bing 10 seconds of reaction clip. 11. Repeat the whole process utilizing another of the pH buffers. 12. Plot graph to expose clip taken to interrupt down amylum against pH or cipher the rate of reaction and secret plan rate against pH. 6. 0 Consequences

| Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Total – Average|
pH 1 ( Pure Acid ) | 170 seconds | 160 seconds | 190 seconds | 173seconds| pH 4 ( Acid ) | 60 seconds | 70 seconds | 210 seconds
outlier| 65 seconds| pH 7 ( Neutral ) | 100 seconds | 130 seconds | 120 seconds | 113 seconds| pH 9 ( Alkaline ) | 140 seconds | 120 seconds | 100 seconds | 120 seconds | pH14 ( Pure Alkaline ) | 160 seconds| 140 seconds| 170 seconds| 157 seconds|

7. 0 Analysis/ Discussion
The purpose of this experiment was to prove and verify at which pH degree amylum is digested fastest at. This was successfully achieved although consequences didn’t precisely match the research.

The hypothesis predicted that the amylum would be fastest digested at the highest sourness degrees. This was based on the cognition that acid reacts fast and is caustic. This was proven to be wrong as the fastest recorded clip ( mean ) was 65seconds with a pH of 4. followed by pH7 and so pH9. The enzyme that was used in the experiment is called diastase and is found in the organic structure in spit. Saliva has a pH of about 5. 6 to 7. 9. ( livestrong. com. 2012 ) This can change based on diet. Therefore the achieved consequences are 1. 6pH below that of the existent enzymes used by the organic structure itself when digesting amylum.

It was non expected that the pure acid buffer ( pH 1 ) would ensue in the slowest reaction of Al at 173seconds ( norm ) . even slower than that of a complete alkaline solution ( pH 14: 157 seconds ) . A more accurate dependable consequence could be attained. if the experiment were to be repeated legion times. other minor facets could besides be improved. ( refer to ‘Errors’ ) . It would besides be Interesting to prove other enzymes and their reaction with other foods such as proteins and lipoids every bit good as the consequence of pH on this in order to derive an extended apprehension of the organic structures maps.

8. 0 Decision
To reason. the consequences from this experiment showed that the amylum was digested fastest at a pH of 4. Although this is non precisely the same as the spit used to digest amylum in the organic structure ( pH 5. 6 to 7. 9 ) . this consequence can non be relied on as there are many factors that can impact the result of the experiment and besides factors which may change in the human organic structure ( diet. wellness. personal features etc. ) The organic structure relies on saccharides daily though the consequence of pH degree on the digestion of amylum is merely one of the many critical balances in the human organic structure.

Despite the unexpected consequences. this experiment allowed group members to broaden their cognition both on the topic every bit good as in the lab ; overall a successful experience.

9. 0 Mistakes
Sing this experiment was based a batch on the coloring material of certain substances and other slippery findings. it was no surprise that errors were found. Improvement could in future be made. These include accurate sized beads of I in every pregnant chad tray ; guaranting pipettes aren’t damaged to avoid bad luck when timing and the measurement of the liquids used throughout the experiment could ever be more accurate. Due to the fact that the United States Public Health Service of the buffers were tested with cosmopolitan indicator paper trusting on personal abilities to place colorss and the digestion of the amylum was besides based on a alteration in coloring material. the result is considered to be imprecise. Consequently. it should non be forgotten that scientific discipline is a state of affairs of test and mistake and perfect consequences can ne’er be expected and should non needfully be desired either.

10. 0 Recognitions
I would wish to thank the group members for working over the 8 hebdomads to successfully plan. complete and analyse the experiment. A particular thanks to Mrs Lee for digesting the category

11. 0 Bibliography

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