In the story a Christmas carol, by Charles Dickens, a greedy, selfish man named Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by three spirits that try and get him to be a better person. On Christmas Eve, all of these Spirits had an influence on him First of all, this Spirit was dressed in a way that scared scrooge. The first spirit that visited Scrooge looked like a young adult type, and the second was like a giant. Unlike these spirits, the third was dressed in a very frightening way. This spirit was dressed in an all black robe, and you couldn’t see his face or body at all.

Apparently, the only thing you could see of him was his hand. I sure think that an ominous all black figure is more frightening then a child and a jolly giant! Don’t you? Also, another reason that this spirit was more influential than the others is because of the way he acted. Both the first and second spirits were friendly toward Scrooge and “broke the ice” with him by introducing themselves and speaking with him. The Spirit of Christmas Yet to come wasn’t friendly at all; he wouldn’t even speak to Scrooge!

No matter how hard Scrooge tried to get the spirit to respond to him or answer his questions, the Spirit refused and continued to ignore him. Last but definitely not least, what the first and second spirits showed Scrooge was unchangeable, yet the final spirit showed him the future, which he could change anytime. After seeing the horrible possibilities coming from his behaviour, Scrooge is faced with the guilt of his unkindness to those close to him, like his clerk. After the remorse he feels for his behaviours, Scrooge finally decides to change.

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In conclusion, the third Spirit, the spirit of Christmas Yet to Come, was the most influential spirit that Scrooge met. The reason I think this spirit was more influential is because he was dressed in a frightening way, didn’t act friendly, and showed him things that may happen if he doesn’t change. Neither, the Spirit of Christmas Past or Future seemed to get through to Scrooge the way The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come did. The major proof of this is that Scrooge actually did change. He became less greedy, more compassionate and less miserly; and stayed a better person for the rest of his life.


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