In biological science a species is a group of animate beings that is able to copulate and bring forth healthy progeny. Harmonizing to the biological science online lexicon. population is a group of beings of one species that interbreed and live in the same topographic point at the same clip. This treatment is based on the Nile crocodile which is found in Africa. Its species is biologically known as Crocodylas niloticus. It can turn to length of seven meters. and although it chiefly feeds on larger mammals including human existences it can besides feed on fish.

If we take the twelvemonth 2000 as our clip zero so we might see a great alteration in the size of the organic structure of the Nile crocodile in approaching old ages. The trait that will most likely alteration in this species is the size of dentition. As at now. the Nile crocodile has got large dentitions which are used to oppress the big quarry it catches. This means that the chief beginning of nutrient will be fish. Since most of fishes available are little in size so it means that the large dentition will be of no usage.

The crocodiles which are large in the size of their organic structures are traveling to decease since the nutrient available will be less and merely efficient for the 1s which are little in size. As clip goes by and due to inaccessibility of adequate nutrient. you will happen that little sized crocodiles will hold a higher opportunity of endurance as a consequence of natural choice. Due to environmental alterations and human invasion. in future wild animate beings ( quarry ) will be fewer. Human existences are progressively destructing the wild animals’ home grounds in Africa. thereby. cut downing the population of the wild animate beings which are the chief crocodiles’ quarry.

It is besides deserving to observe that. environmental alterations like planetary heating which is doing terrible drouths in Africa is impacting the populations of the wild animate beings ( crocodiles’ chief quarry ) . REFERENCE Biology online. retrieved on 31st. October. 2008. available at hypertext transfer protocol: //www. biology-online. org/dictionary/Population Speciess of crocodilians. retrieved on 31st. October. 2008. available at hypertext transfer protocol: //science. jrank. org/pages/1867/Crocodiles-Species-crocodilians. hypertext markup language

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