Legal law ; Is strict, and ; There is no flexibility in ; Salary grade for is protects both France. The employers based on their Employment employer are not allowed to education law employee rather isms employees as qualification. Fairly. Therefore they want, which lead Therefore to have Disney’s concept of high cost higher qualified staff “generally employment in France. Disney must be comfortable Disneyland has strict prepared to pay wearing uniforms, regulation more. Therefore, obeying employees janitors, or front employee’s liners may not be part of the team” appearance, no tattoos, well educated was accepted and no dying of hair.

French enough to take on pursued well by the people are not satisfied the challenge of Japanese. With the restriction of “creating individual redeem, happiness” as a many organization centralized strategy protests against the of Disney. Regulations. Why? The Why… 1) Complies with Hong Songs economic and social status in 2005. Hong Kong was ready for a theme park of Disneyland nature. 2) Enter the right country at the right time with local adoption and high forecast of domestic and international visitors. 3) Capitalize on how the community will respond to Disneyland in Hong Kong, and therefore forecast realistic profits Summary ; Social aspects play important role in this business industry ; PESTLE is used to show the


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