Team means “Together Everyone Achieves More” . Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. Teamwork is all about caring for each other. Teamwork is everyplace. The single attempts consequence in a degree of public presentation that is greater than the amount of those single attempts. Failings of one member can be supported by stronger members who will do the consequences better and more effectual than a individual making it separately. Without teamwork you would non be able to finish things that require the aid of others such as constructing a house. running a mill. or even picking nutrient merchandises. With teamwork relationships and friendly relationships are formed. work gets done. and teamwork Teachs you responsibility. It requires you work together in signifier of trust. In teamwork you learn from other. if person makes a error so there is an chance for others to larn from it and seek non to make it once more. To do the squad win there should be a good leader to actuate the squad. When speaking about one adult male ground forces it is clear that there is merely one individual with one endowment whereas squad has multi-talent because each has a different spatial property.

The squad is stronger. like it is said “Two caputs are better than one” . Individual attempt takes a batch of clip to carry through a undertaking but the squad divides the undertaking and accomplishes it in a shortest clip. Disadvantages of teamwork besides leads to interdependency as undertakings are divided among the workers but if one worker is absent or unwilling to work. the full group will hold to endure. Not all members of the group will set about their undertakings on clip and can allow the full group down. Not all members will hold the same strengths and failings. If thoughts of different members conflict. it can hold really inauspicious consequence on the public presentation of the full squad. Despite holding many disadvantages. the advantages of teamwork outweigh them. There is a celebrated stating. ” Teamwork divides the undertaking and multiplies the success” which shows the importance of teamwork.


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