Another reason would be that paying every college student that ecocide they want to a sport would start money allocation. Lastly, it is not a job it is more of a privilege. First, as an athlete learning the phrase “Student-Athlete” is very essential because it is your title as an athlete at school. A lot Of times, the word student gets dropped and then problems start to occur. For instance, grades start getting low but points start going up. Attendance and behavioral problems start to become presented but they are at every game and the awards start piling up.

With all that happening at one time adding money to it would just make matters worse because then they would drop school all together, thinking they got it all figure out. Secondly, most colleges and universities do not make a lot of money off of athletics. Not all colleges have enough money to cover all expenses for all their athletes. Although athletics IS a very important part of the culture and attraction to a university, the income it brings in usually doesn’t outweigh the costs of running the programs.

Parts of that cost are the salaries of people on he athletic staff, who are already do not get paid enough as is. The athletic staff, who makes everything possible, is the machine that keeps the programs running and the organization smoothly, and is who needs to get the money first. If they cannot be paid at a reasonable salary, then where is this money going to come from for the athletes? Most schools just simply cannot afford it. Finally, college athletes need to recognize their opportunity as a privilege, that most young kids aspire to attain, but are never given to opportunity to eave.

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It is for the love of the game, because that is what it is, a game. The last thing athletes want to happen is to turn college sports into a chore or a job with an hourly wage. Then the pure love gets lost. It should never be about how much material value your play is worth. It is about fulfilling a childhood dream. And kids are not dreaming about what monetary benefits they might get if they play in college while standing in the outfield pounding their mitts, running into a team huddle or doing a victory dance celebrating.


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