Do you want to know of the world’s worst pandemic? Well, it’s The Black Death. The Black Death was the worst thing that happen during the dark (middle) ages. The outbreak of the plague:What caused the black death.The Black Death was caused by house rats also called as black rats. It could be spread from rat to person if a flea that bit the rat, then bit a person. Scientists thought that the plague started at lake Issyk because places around the lake were infect with the Black Death. A Russian  archaeologist found that there was a very high death rate around the lake. So they think it started at a place close to the river but they do not know the exact place. Blood, death and boils:Before you would ever die you would have a boil. A boil starts as a hard, red, painful lump usually about half an inch in size. After you get one boil you may get a fever or get more boils. The boil would ose puss on the victim. Then the victim would cough up blood. Then vomit for two to four days and then die very soon. Bloodletting: People thought they could be cured by using the bloodletting technique. First you cut the victims arm open, next you let it bleed in a bowl for a bit. This technique was you because doctor thought that the plague was in your blood and could be bled out.The only people     that did bloodletting was plague doctors. This technique did not work and could kill a person if they bleed too much. Hygiene: Part the reason they got the plague is that people back then did not dispose waste properly and did not have good hygiene. They rarely took baths or showers. They wash hands in cold water because only rich could afford warm water., that meant that bacteria could still be there. They thought that jews were the cause, because few of them got sick. Jews rarely get sick for the plague because they were aware of good hygiene,they also did not cause it.How much of the population died: The Black Death was a very deadly plague. The Black Death killed 60% to 65% in Spain. It killed 50% to 60% in Italy. It killed 60% in France and killed 62.5% of England. Overall It killed around ? to ? of Europe’s population. Which is 150-220 million people. Keep in mind that there was only 500 million people at the time of the Black Death. So if you think about it, it killed many people. Why was it called the black death: Why was the Black Death called the Black Death? Many people think that the plague was called the black death because the person’s skin would turn black before they died. That is not why.  The disease later called the Black Death(because of the dark patches on the skin caused by lying under the skin bleeding) was probably Bubonic Plague. Bubonic plague is carried by black rats, and spread to humans by the fleas that infest them.People back then called it the black plague or the big death. The words The Black Death were written in history on the date 1555.                                                                                                     There are some things we don’t know about the black death. I challenge you to find out what the things we don’t know about the black death.  


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