However, in the holistic nature of an assignment, these descriptors can be identified throughout the submission and clearly marked s the same by the candidate/assessor page 6 of 12 Submission procedures CLC Learners must submit a hard copy of the full assignment to the college/ campus office no later than PM on the submission date with suitable binding in addition to the softy and a turn-it-in report. Learners must submit their softy of the assignment (including Powering presentation slides speaker notes if applicable) to academic department of their centre 0 A maximum 20% plagiarism or similarity will be tolerated from learners who have checked their assignments with turn-it-in software.

Before submission learners must aka sure that they have signed on the authentication statement to declare him/her as the original author of the submitted assignment. After submission, learners are advised to get a receipt from the college/campus office for evidence. Without a valid reason (such as serious illness, getting sick or death of close relative), no late submission will be tolerated by the college. For extension of submission deadline or acceptance of late submission, learners must contact college/campus office and submit evidence such as medical certificate/note and photocopy of death certificate in advanced for dieting approval. 0 Please note that tutors/lecturers do not have the authority to alter or extend the assignment deadline or receive the assignment directly from learners.

After submission learners will get feedback from the assessors/markers with pass, merit, distinction, refer or fail outcomes. It normally takes three weeks from the submission but it depends on the assessors/markers and college authority. If any learner gets refer, his/her coursework will be returned with feedback. After that the learner will get two weeks time to resubmit it. 0 There is no stipulated length for the amount of rods but the word count should not exceed 4000 words for all tasks given.

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