Some people may believe that age affairs in relationship while others say that relationships work best when the male is older. but I do non hold with either political orientation. I used to believe that age affairs in a relationship but after personally traveling through an experience that counteracted those beliefs. I eventually believed. When my cousin. Mojgun. met the love of their life no 1. including myself. of all time believed that the relationship would work. particularly since she was five old ages older than him. Normally in the Iranian civilization. the adult male is supposed to be older than the female. ever. and when that isn’t the instance. there is non much hope for the relationship. After being together for six old ages. they eventually married. and now she is anticipating their 2nd kid. and they are happier than they could of all time be. With that. age doesn’t affair in a relationship because it all depends on the individual’s ideals. civilization. and what their end is in that relationship or that point in their life what they’re looking for.

Age doesn’t affair in a relationship ; every bit long as they both are mature and they have a same end in their life and they care about each other. A relationship is like a boat in the ocean if they don’t cognize where they’re header excessively and if they can’t work together. they ne’er can set down the boat. The lone thing that matters the most in a relationship is the love between twosomes. If you are in a relationship with a individual that takes advantage of you or mistreat you. it makes no difference what your state of affairs or age is they will make that no affair what the age is. An illustration of that is one of my mom’s childhood friends married a adult male two old ages younger than here. and since they have been together he has been opprobrious to her of all time since. It has non gotten any better. in fact it has gotten worse. because now she is use to it and thinks that’s what love is. No affair what people try to make. including my ma intervening. she ever goes back to him because that’s how her encephalon is trained now. That’s what she grew up with. particularly with her relationship. and that’s what she is accustomed to.

The relationship evidently is non healthy because they both don’t have the same ends in that relationship. which should be including handling each other with regard. non degrading each other. No affair what the age. if she was younger or older. her hubby is the type of individual who is opprobrious. and age would non repair any of it. It would stay the same because that’s how his personality is. Possibly. if he was really loving. and truly treated her with regard. she would cognize what existent love is. but she does non. and it is sad to see her unrecorded with that. thought that deep down it is love. Love should non ache. and in her instance that’s all she feels on a changeless footing from him. Through this illustration. it clearly shows that age does non take a toll on the terminal consequence or on what’s happening between my mother’s friend and her hubby. No affair what the age. everything will still remain the same. and finally as clip base on ballss by things will acquire worse and worse. every bit sad as that is. When people have the same ends on the other manus. like for illustration. desiring to settle down and hold kids. relationships are more likely to be successful.

When twosomes have the same ends at the clip of meeting or get downing a relationship. it plays truly critical to the success of that relationship. If one likes to travel out and party. and the other does non there is ever traveling to be that clash between them because one is making something the other does non O.K. of. and so forth. Regardless of the age. there is ever traveling to be that clash. On the other manus. if both like to remain at place. dine in. and portion the same involvements it truly doesn’t affair what age they are because they portion the same involvements or common ends. When twosomes have the same long-run ends in head. such as holding childs or settling down acquiring married. they will make whatever they have to make to finish that terminal end. and both do that to do certain it happens. For illustration. if a adult male is non looking to settle down. while the adult female is. there is ever traveling to be clash. and most likely that relationship is non traveling to work out.

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In my ain experience. even though I am merely 20 two old ages old. I have had relationships where misss wanted to go something more serious than I could manage. and I merely was non ready for that. As a consequence it caused a batch of route blocks because we did non see oculus to oculus on what was traveling on with the relationship and where it was traveling. therefore me holding to interrupt up with her because it’s non a common end we shared. I did non be after on get marrieding her or being in a committed relationship where I knew I wanted to get married her. I merely was non ready. Regardless of age. if one is ready to settle. when the other is non. the relationship is most likely non traveling to work. because it’s in their outlook. the personality. whether they want to settle down at that point in clip or in their life. Anyone could do an statement that if person was older or younger. it could hold an impact. but in the terminal. it all depends on the person and age doesn’t needfully intend that your mentality. personality. or sentiments change.

As one gets older. you can reason that their sentiments go more coagulated. and they become more stable with who they are. and what they want in life. Chiefly in the Iranian civilization. adult females are ever treated with the extreme regard. It does non count how old each spouse is in the relationship. because there is ever the basic foundation of handling each other with regard. particularly Iranian work forces with Iranian adult females. They are like a squad. and no affair what. they will make what they have to make to win the game ( life ) . side by side.

When a twosome sees oculus to oculus. it does non count how old they are. it matters that they understand each other. and want their relationship to work. Relationships work if you take the clip to acquire to the cognize the individual you are traveling to be with. If they don’t portion the same ideals. civilization beliefs. or ends in life. most likely the relationship is non traveling to work. It all depends on the type of persons that are paired together and whether there is chemical science and that thrust to do it work. otherwise it’s an acclivitous conflict. When twosomes who are together portion the same involvements. ends in life. and beliefs. there’s a higher chance that their relationship will work. regardless of their age.


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